The Gift that Keeps Giving


Remember the EASY-BAKE Oven, the "learn how to bake but not really" toy for girls? This Scottie Mom had one growing up and I really haven't developed my baking skills since that time, believe it or not. That is, until now. Apparently there's a new bake kit in town that seems to operate on Scottie Mom's very basic cooking skills level. The best part? (Besides the fact that the kit is decorated with a Scottie and red/black plaid!) It's a bake kit for dog treats so I'm sure my taste-testing audience will be very generous with their feedback!

I owe this latest Scottie-decorated find to Heather and Mr. K's Scottie Grandmadre. Once again, she has managed to defy expectations and come up with a pawesome Scottie gift. This time, one that is sure to keep giving (assuming Scottie Mom learns how to properly bake some tasty treats and doesn't get too frustrated with the biscuit maker!). And while Heather and Mr. K were a little unsure of the wrapped box when they first saw it, I'm sure it won't take more than once or twice for them to realize what the treat kit looks and sounds like - meaning, there won't be any surprising these two once they make the connection that the box with a fellow Scottie on it means the infamous "T" word (and hopefully, tasty ones at that!).

The bake kit for dog treats comes with an electric cooking appliance that reminds me of a George Foreman grill and boasts the ability to cook up your doggie's treats in minutes. Several cookie cutters and suggested recipes also come in the kit as well. My favorite part of the kit, by far, is the use of the Scottie as the logo on the tin that holds everything and also on the biscuit maker itself. What Scottie Mom wouldn't love that? My judgement (as well as Heather and Mr. K's) on the rest of the kit and how well it bakes will come down later this week, more than likely, after I have a moment to get over the fact I'll be baking a batch of cookies for my beloved Scotties before I even attempt to make one for myself and Scottie Dad!


  1. That wouldn't work here-They're both pretty dim bulbs and couldn't figure out an Easy Bake much less something less complicated.

  2. Wow...your easy bake Scottie treat set looks sooo cool! Let us know how they taste. we have a grrrrrrreat doggie bakery called Nutty Mutt and they make the very best dog cookies! We especially love their blueberry bites and itty bitty peanut butter bites.
    XOXO. Mac and Maggie

  3. Peanut butter bites sound good :-)
    The producer doesn't let me have wheat and grains so biscuits are a challenge but she could produce something good and nutritious for me if she'd put herself out a little!

  4. Love this! Got one earlier today and will try this week. Need to try and get a better cook book than the one that was included.