Beauty Rest

[caption id="attachment_1257" align="aligncenter" width="448"] Being this cute is hard work. Gotta get some beauty rest![/caption]

The following is a message from the birthday girl herself:

Dear Friends -

What can I say? Being eight is great! Scottie Mom took the whole day off of work today to bring us to our Scottie Grandmadre's house in North Carolina. Let me tell you - it is Scottie heaven here. Lots of belly rubs, back pats and lovin' whenever I want it. (It's because Scottie Grandmadre likes me best but, shh...don't tell Mr. K - he'd be so upset if he knew!) I wish you all were here to play and celebrate with me. The grass is absolutely amazing. I haven't stopped rolling around in it since I got here - I even ate a few pieces of it but I don't think Scottie Mom noticed so please don't tell on me!

I slept through the entire drive from Atlanta to North Carolina just so I'd have some energy to spare at Scottie Grandmadre's! Scottie Mom says there's lots in store for us this weekend. I overheard her and Scottie Grandmadre going over "the agenda" for tomorrow. Sounds like we'll be pretty busy pups. I hope there's some squirrel chasing involved. That'd be fun, don't you think? Anyway, I wanted to say thank you to all my friends out there who wished Mr. K and I a happy birthday. It certainly was a happy one, indeed. We got to sleep in the hooman bed and we scored so many treats! You think there's something magical about being eight and that's why I've gotten more treats than usual? Maybe when Scotties turn eight they get an unlimited treat supply! Oh, I sure hope so...

Ok, friends, I have to cut this note short tonight. I have a lot more beauty rest to catch up on. Scottie Mom says we'll be having a birthday pawty this weekend and I must be looking my best. You never know who might show up! Also, rumor has it that Scottie Grandmadre got me a gift she couldn't wait until Christmas to give me so I'm getting it early. I wonder what it is? Something tells me it's my own pet squirrel. Anyway, many thanks again for the birthday wishes. You guys are the greatest friends ever! Watch out for photos from our adventures tomorrow. I'll be thinking of each of you and wishing you were here!

Much love,



  1. Enjoy your youth. Happy Birthday from Kyla (10 and going on 11).

  2. Happy Birthday to a precious little girl. Sweet dreams.......

  3. Happy birthday, glad 8 is good, I can look forward to it when it comes.