Rescue a Dog

October is National Rescue a Shelter Dog Month. You know what that means? Go find some rescue Scotties (and non-Scotties), people! If I had the ultimate powers of persuasion and could convince Scottie Dad to let me bring in two more rescue Scotties, I would without a second's hesitation. This past weekend, in honor of National Rescue a Shelter Dog Month, I took Heather and Mr. K to an adoption event in Gastonia, N.C. at a local car dealership to see what kind of attention these two cuties could drum up for their fellow furry friends still looking for good homes.

There were only a few furry friends from Gaston County Animal Control who came out on this relatively warm Saturday looking for their new home. Heather and Mr. K said hello to Scottie Mom's sister, who volunteers for Gaston County Animal Control, and then sat to watch their new friends come out one by one. Years ago, back when I was in high school, Gaston County Animal Control had one of the highest kill rates in the nation. From what I understand, the shelter remains extremely full today. Thankfully, the shelter has since been blessed with a few angels like my sister but until North Carolina passes stricter spay/neuter laws, I'm afraid the problem will never really be solved.

So far, my sister has found three Scotties who have turned up at this kill shelter so whoever said pure breds don't end up in shelters is clearly mistaken. (Obviously, because I found Mr. K at a shelter.) Luckily, my sister notifies me anytime a Scottie turns up and I immediately reach out to my friends at the Tennessee Scottie Rescue and the Scottie Rescue of the Carolinas. All three Scotties were picked up by rescue groups and I am confident they are safe and hopefully in loving homes by now.

However, our work is not done, fellow Scottie Moms and Dads. Think of all the Scotties (and non-Scotties, of course) out there who might not get picked up by rescue groups. I must ask: if you don't have room in your homes to take in yet another Scottie, please help your local Scottie rescue by keeping tabs on the intakes at shelters around you (especially kill shelters) and being on the lookout for any Scottie sightings. Plus, if you can, set aside a few hours every month to volunteer your time or offer what monetary assistance you can to help give these poor animals (Scottie and non-Scottie ones alike!) a fighting chance. And remember: it's National Adopt a Shelter Dog Month so if you can give a pup that ultimate gift of a furever home, please feel free to do so!

How many Scottie rescues do we have out there now? Feel free to share your Scottie rescue story in the comment box below.


  1. I brought my rescue boy home this past Saturday!!! He is such a delight!!

  2. Mum rescued me - or so she thinks. It was really the other way around. There are too many humans out there that need rescuing. Thanks to Scottie Mom for helping spread the word

    Sophia the Scottie

  3. Hi there. My mother in law is looking for a Scottie. She's located in moorseville,NC. If you have any suggestionson where she can get a rescue Scottie please email or call me. Thank you.
    Angi (727)-482-6875. towermansgirl

  4. I happened to stumble across this site looking at Scottie pictures as we just lost our beloved Molly last week. She also came from Gaston County Animal Control!! (We live in Gastonia.) She was just beautiful and the light of our lives! I placed the hold on her for STRSE and we wound up adopting her ourselves. I am lost without a Scottie right now as I've had at least one for the past 27 years. Thanks for the beautiful pictures to enjoy, and for supporting Rescue!!