Mr. K's Halloween Countdown

If there is anything in the world Mr. K loves more than attention, it's treats. That's probably the reason he has initiated a countdown to the holiday of treat-seeking. Tonight, he reveals a few clues about the super cool costume he's convinced will score him all the attention and the treats in the world next Wednesday. See if you can guess what (or who!) Mr. K will be this Halloween.

1. The color of my costume really isn't very different from the color of my coat.

2. Both me and the character I'm portraying are very distinctive in the ways we walk.

3. There is a brand of clothing using both the name of my character and his portrait as a logo.

4. Consequently, it is safe to say my character is always formally dressed "to the nines."

5. We both enjoy chilly weather...although my character probably prefers it more than I do.

6. I stand on four legs. He stands on two.

7. If he were to race against Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps, my character would win.


  1. How fun a penguin!!

  2. Is he a penguin? Tennessee Tuxedo, perhaps? I will send pics when Mac and Maggie dress up for Howl-o-ween!