Scottie Talk

Hello, friends! Heather here. I've stolen the blog from Scottie Mom tonight to answer a few questions from my some of my favorite Scottie people (which is ALL Scottie people, really). Feel free to keep the questions coming - you all know by now I love a little extra attention!

Recently, Plutonio's Scottie Mom asked: I would like to know if your character changed radically when you turned one year old. Do you think male Scotties are more possessive than female ones? And what should this Scottie Mom do with unpredictable temper and reactions in a Scottish Terrier?

Phew. That's a lot of questions, Plutonio's Scottie Mom! You bet my character has changed over the years, although my Scottie Mom will never know the full extent to which I have changed since she adopted me when I was 6.5 years old. When I was just a little ball of fur, I loved to frolic and play without a care in the world like any other puppy. But my time on the street taught me to toughen up. Now, I don't take any nonsense from any dogs.

Do I think boy Scotties are more possessive than girl Scotties like me? Possessive, no. Protective, yes. Let me explain. You see, Mr. K will give up a toy and even a treat occasionally without so much as a growl but along comes another dog when me and Scottie Mom are out walking with him and the boy goes bizerk! I can't tell you how many times he tells other dogs to stay away, that we are his to look after and take care of. It's cute, to an extent, but completely unnecessary. Scottie Mom and I are the independent women type. We can handle ourselves just fine.

Now, in response to your question about what to do with unpredictable temper and reactions from a Scottie Scottie Dad really is the best one for these kinds of situations. If I misbehave (which is pretty rare, I must admit), all Scottie Dad has to do is say my name in a certain tone and I know I've displeased him. Mr. K, on the other hand, requires a little more discipline. My Scottie Dad or Mom have to tell him to stop, then they tell him to sit and, if he doesn't listen, they push on his bottom gently until he sits and calms all that Scottie-tude down.

Fellow Scottie Hootman asked: Do you like cheese?

You bet I do! I don't get it very often, only sometimes when we have to take some medicine and we're all out of those wonderful chicken flavored Greenie's pill pockets. Truthfully, though, I'm not a picky eater, Hootman. Seriously. I learned from my experiences before I found my furever home that meals (and good ones at that) aren't always guaranteed and so, if my Scottie Mom and Dad aren't careful with the things they leave behind, I might nab them and try to take a bite out of know, just in case something happens and that next meal doesn't come. Scottie Mom gets real upset when Scottie Dad forgets to shut the door and I get an all-access pass to the trash can. She tells me it is gross and that she feeds me way better stuff (True!) but I always say it is better to be a safe Scottie than a sorry Scottie - and I'm not going to miss out on an opportunity to ensure I have my next meal!

Indy and Maggie's Scottie Mom asked: What are you going to be for Halloween?

Well, my Scottie Mom said I wasn't allowed to tell anyone what my super cool costume was for Halloween. But I can tell you this: it is adorable and I promise you'll like it! This is the first Halloween Scottie Mom has dressed up either myself or Mr. K and I think she did a good job picking out the outfits. I just tried mine on yesterday for the first time...Scottie Dad even said he liked it, too. Ok, I know - I'm driving you crazy by not telling you and truthfully, I don't think my Scotte Mom is being fair about this so I'll give you a hint if you promise not to tell: ROARRR!

Now that I've had a chance to answer some of your questions, I'd like to ask a few of my new friends so I start getting to know each and every one of you like you know me!

1. What are all my canine friends dressing up as for Halloween?

2. Who thinks they have the most spooktacular costume of all?

3. Anybody going trick-or-treating?


  1. Oh, good gravy. I'm out in the country and nobody comes Trick or Treating at our place. I'm not dressing up and I don't have a spooktakular costume. I'm a rescue also and no surprises is good-I'm happy.

  2. Mom feels too old to take us trick n treating, since her hooman kids grew up. Besides she doesn't feel like picking up our poop with a bunch of people walking around! But she did buy us a costume I'll be a Bat since I already have vampire teef, and Tate will be a butterfly since she is so social! It makes our mom smile when she can dress us up, so what the heck it's worth it even though I feel stupid!

  3. Thank you Miss Heather for your replies! Your mom is right about delectable garbage, even Scotties without your street smarts love it!

    My male dog Macalister's personality calmed a bit when he turned 2- he was a crazy dog (esp when flipped on his back) and then he started tolerating it fine right at 2. Weird, huh? He's always been lovey dovey- much more so than Maggie, but maybr that has something to do with being a petstore puppy till the age of 5months- poor girl! Bet she was in that little cage for 3months. :o(

    For Howl-o-ween, Maggie will be a prima ballerina and Mac a skeleton. Mac always helps pass out candy from the porch while Maggie wartches safely from her window. We love Howl-o-ween!