If the Collar Fits...

Heather sporting her new collar shortly after being adopted in April 2011.
People often ask me: how did you know Heather was going to be the right companion for Mr. K? Truth be told, I relied fully on faith that it would all work out and patience. I had known for months I wanted another dog to keep Mr. K company while I was at work but had yet to find one that I got that feeling telling me I'd found the right furever friend for Mr. K. Then, I saw Heather online and started making some calls to the Tennessee Scottie Rescue. When the time came and Mr. K and I went to go meet Heather, I was highly encouraged by the fact they simply ignored each other. I thought to myself, "Okay - that's a start."

I don't think Heather had been with Mr. K and I for more than a day or two and I just knew she wasn't going anywhere anytime soon. I took her shopping to get her some things to make her feel comfortable in her new home (because that's the first thing any Scottie Mom would do, right?!). Mostly, I knew I had to get her a bed of her own - she kept stealing Mr. K's (although I can't say he minded...that just meant more time in the hooman bed). It was at the store when I looked down and saw that happy face that I realized I may have already bought her a little something of her own about a year prior to her coming, without knowing it was for her: a very fashionable collar.

Back up a bit to April 2010. I'm taking Mr. K from the shelter for our "at-home trial." I spend what seems like eternity trying to pick out the perfect collar and leash. The toys were the easy part - even the shelter staff knew Mr. K could never turn down a squeaky tennis ball. But the collar gave me the most trouble. In the end, I chose two: one a deep purple, green and brown paisley pattern and the other a fun, light creme collar with paw prints. When I got home, I loved the paisley printed collar so much I didn't even want to try the other one - which is good, really, since the other collar was simply too big for Mr. K no matter how many times I adjusted it.

I'm not sure why - other than perhaps pure laziness - but I never got rid of the paw printed collar. And so, a year later when Heather and I were at the store checking out at the register, it dawned on me that the paw print collar could be the perfect fit for Heather - both in terms of fit and fashion. Sure enough, we got home, greeted Mr. K and pulled out the collar I had pretty much given up on for good. One small adjustment and a click around her neck and I knew I had bought that collar for a reason. All her troubles for her previous life as a street dog aside, my Miss Heather had herself a true Cinderella story now...after all, the collar fit.

Which gets me to thinking: not long ago, I decided to change out their collars so Heather and Mr. K could have matching ones (not to mention Mr. K's beautiful paisley one had all but fallen apart). In the process, I narrowed the collars down between two patterns and could not decide between the two so I got both: a pair of pastel blue collars and a pair of grey argyle printed collars (which they currently sport). Call me crazy but could it be that fate is telling me another pair of Scottie rescues might find their way into this Scottie Mom's family in the near future?


  1. This is a really lovely story. And it looks like the two scotties are best friends. What a great Scottie Mom you are.

    RooOOooodles, Bobby & Finlay

  2. Hootie says: Heather would be beautiful in any collar, regardless of the print! And you are a wonderful Scottie Mom. You certainly do love your babies!

  3. I knew it the moment SHE took HIS seat in your car... aaAARRRrroooOOOoo!

  4. Love your stories..!! it is nice to share something in common around the world: Our love for our Scottie angels !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Licks & kisses to Heather,Mr. K & Scottie Mom


  6. I'm a rescue and we added Kaci a week ago. She was in a kill shelter for a while and we're still working things out. Kaci is reverse housebroken-you can take her outside for 15 minutes but she barely makes it inside before she goes-she's been holding it.