The Happy Dog Cafe


The first time I visited the Happy Dog Cafe in Belmont, N.C., I was enchanted by their cute fall doggie clothing and freshly-made treats when I suddenly felt a tap on my shoulder. As I turned around, my dad pointed just across the store. I followed his gaze and what did I see? Not one but TWO precious Scotties shopping with their Scottie Moms! Immediately, we struck up a conversation about our Scottie kids and I got to pet the pups, now feeling guilty I hadn't brought mine to the store that day. Turns out, one of the ladies I met works with the Scottish Terrier Rescue of the Carolinas.

So, with the fall season already in full swing, I figured it was time to pay another visit to the Happy Dog Cafe on our last trip to North Carolina in the hopes to discover more cute clothing and perhaps have another Scottie encounter (especially since I no longer remember the rescue volunteer's name). Unfortunately, we didn't see any Scotties this time nor did we really find any cute outfits for Heather and Mr. K. We did, however, score some super cute candy corn- shaped treats and a little special something for their upcoming birthdays (but shhh, don't tell - you'll see what I got soon enough!).


  1. It's really bad here-I see a new Scottie about once every three years.

  2. Wish we had one of those in our village.

  3. Thank you Scottie Mom Blog for the wonderful blog post on your recent Happy Dog Cafe visit. We are thankful you had a wonderful shopping experience.

    Keep making Scotties happy,

    Brian S. Anderson
    Happy Dog Cafe in Belmont, NC