You know your dog is spoiled when...


As a responsible Scottie Mom, I really try my best not to go overboard with my pups and sometimes, it is so incredibly hard to NOT shower them with everything and more, as I'm sure the other Scottie Moms and Dads out there can agree. Alas, despite my tough no human food and minimal treats rules, I've come to the realization that somewhere down the line, my Scotties have become very accustomed to a certain kind of lifestyle. I knew my dogs were spoiled when:

10. You schedule your entire day around potty breaks and extra walks.

9.  You have to refill an already full water bowl because Heather will sit there waiting, staring at you with those big eyes, asking for a fresh bowl until she gets one. (She thoroughly enjoys being the "first" to drink out of the water bowl when it is placed on the floor.)

8. They see the building's cleaning lady who likes to give them a treat from time to time and automatically, they forget about mom, rushing over to sit at the feet of the other woman - regardless of whether or not she actually has a treat for them. Then, it is impossible to tear them away!

7. Entire vacations are planned around the dogs and the availability of pet-friendly accommodations. If there aren't any available, too bad - trip canceled because no pet-sitting arrangement of any kind will suffice.

6. You prefer to be home with your dogs or out on an adventure with them over anything else in the world.

5. They own way more than they need to, be it a dozen toys at a time, more than one doggie bed per dog or the abundance of Martha Stewart Pets accessories.

4. The couch seat cushion is no longer enough. Now, it is time to go for the good stuff like the decorative pillows.

3. You have more photos of them than your closest friends and family members, vacation spots and commemorative moments...combined!

2. You celebrate every holiday with your dog. They get their own gifts on birthdays, a stocking at Christmas, treats on Halloween, etc.

1. You dedicate an entire blog to them!


  1. You're a good mom. You're pups are very lucky to have found you.

  2. I love your list and am guilty of every single one of your points!! And, frankly, I don't see a darn thing wrong with it!! So keep on enjoying your doggies and don't feel bad!

  3. I too am guilty and loving every moment!! Love your sweet babies!!!!!

  4. I confess to having spoiled our pups, too.
    There seems to be no end to the love they give.
    So, how can we not shower them with all they need and more?

  5. I declare myself: guilty, guilty, guilty.... and also, happy, happy, happy to have a Scottie in my life!! :)