A Walk in the Park


We live in the city, so it isn't every day that we venture far from our condo but today, we took a short walk down to a little dog park we recently discovered less than five or ten minutes away. Complete with lots of grass (for Heather to roll around in) and not one, but TWO fountains (for Mr. K to admire), this little nook might just become our stomping grounds on our night walks.

Heather and Mr. K get four walks a day. Two short ones in the morning before I leave for work plus a bathroom break during my lunch hour or the minute I get home from work for the day. The fourth walk is usually the longest and occurs as late as possible in hopes that I don't get any wee-hour-of-the-morning wake up calls from a Scottie in need of a potty break.

Mr. K could walk for hours, if you'd let him and we used to walk in circles around my old apartment complex in Columbia, S.C. over and over again. I'm looking forward to finding a home in a more traditional neighborhood in the coming months so we can take up that habit again - walking does wonders for Scottie Mom fitness. (And it doesn't hurt to keep the little ones active, either!)


  1. I am loving these photos!!!

  2. God I been owned and loving scotties for over 20 years I love the breed and I love your pics. keep it up I do enjoy so.

  3. Thank you, both! Ron - we share even more photos and some videos on The Scottie Mom facebook and twitter pages if you want to check those out as well. Happy Sunday!!