The Alpha (fe)Male

Heather made it clear where Mr. K's place is in the pecking order.

The power of a woman can never really be overestimated. Her ability to rule the roost, persuade the masses and even mold the next generation are reasons enough to quantify this statement. A woman's impact on the world is often found in her ability to lead and from the moment I brought Heather into our home, I realized I had one powerful little lady on my hands!

After we got home from our journey to Tennessee, I invited Heather to hang out in some of Mr. K's favorite spaces so he would understand the apartment was no longer his, but theirs to share. As can be expected, he didn't like this at first but I was firm and didn't let him back on the bed or the couch until he proved he could rest peacefully with his new companion by his side.

Within a few hours and only two grumbles under his breath later, Mr. K got the message Heather was just as entitled to free access around the apartment as he was and so, everyone settled in to the new arrangement. They never fought but it became clear over the next few months that the top dog, very much to my surprise, was not going to be Mr. K after all.

The day I knew for sure Mr. K had lost the running for alpha dog was when I saw this: instead of pushing Mr. K aside, Heather had chosen to sit on TOP of Mr. K, who was sitting contentedly in the passenger seat of the car. Leave it to Heather to dispel the rumor that women will walk all over their men - she shows us here that men are adequate means of support, allowing us to experience a new lease on life with a fabulous this case, out the passenger window!


  1. This is sooooo true. Maggie who was only 5months old when I brought her into our home, immediately challenged my male, Macalister, who was 3 at the time. I assumed it was just a silly, dumb, puppy-thing. Then as time went on, I confused the situation by treating Mac as the alpha. (well, ok, beta..since I'm supposed to be the alpha.) eventually I learned, Scottie females are always the alphas. Had no idea, since Maggie was our first female after 3 successive males. To this day ( Maggie is 11 and Mac is 2 weeks shy of 14)- Maggie is large and in charge. And she regularly either sits on top of Mac or right next to him- back to his face, or butt to butt. Funny how he knows to let her be.

    So from Maggie to Miss go girl!

  2. My Wheaten Scot, Zoie is and always has been Miss Alpha. Seamus tried for a few years and it never really worked out, so he accepted and now thoroughly enjoys being second fiddle-kind of like, no responsibility, 'she'll take care of this' attitude. Zoie growls at him when he is out of line, uses her big girlish bod to say 'this is my spot' or is nice enough to just let him have the bone. She is definitely 'alpha' around here:)

  3. It’s so true! My scottie girls have usually grown into Alpha status in middle age, but my current alpha, Molly, showed up, flipped everyone else over on their backs with her snout and that was that. Love this photo!

  4. I just love your stories. Our little girl so loved life and loved ruling everyone.

  5. Seems like the ladies are the alphas more often than not!