The Good vs. The Evil (Blanket)


When he's not destroying toys, Mr. K has to get creative and find other ways to keep himself (and his hoomans) entertained. Sometimes, that means stealing a sock. Sometimes, it calls for a dramatized Scottie 'flop and roll' with legs in the air to invite belly rubs. And sometimes, that means taking on a blanket that doubles as an evil attacker of Scotties.

Let me set up the scenario: Mr. K is sitting peacefully (or so we think) on his special blanket on the couch. He sighs. Obviously, he is displeased with the lack of attention. Then, out of nowhere, the evil blanket launches a surprise attack, jumps up and covers him. His eyes dart from side to side, waiting for the blanket's next move. Suddenly, there it is! The evil blanket moves, growling at him as it does.

Now, Mr. K is on full alert. The evil blanket has just challenged him to a dual. A poke in the side here, a couple of pats on the bottom there and then, even some head petting (how demeaning that blanket can be!). Mr. K scoffs and wiggles around in the evil blanket's hold, thinking how silly that evil blanket is for daring to challenge the great and powerful Mr. K.

He breaks free from the blanket's hold, jumps down from the couch and grabs one of his toys, shaking it from side to side with such force as if to warn that evil blanket: "This is what I'll do to you if you try that again!" Then, he leaps on top of evil blanket, who launches a counter attack. Mr. K snaps away at the evil blanket with his teeth. The two roll around. Mr. K whips part of the blanket back and forth like he did with the toy, but the evil blanket smacks him in the face. Revenge is imminent!

Alas, there is only one winner of this game and, without fail, Mr. K comes out on top each and every time...literally. For when he's done showing the blanket how it can be destroyed like his other toys, the evil blanket ultimately surrenders and Mr. K takes his rightful place atop of it. Then, as he settles in, a slight smile comes across his sweet Scottie face and you notice that while the hero realizes he must recover from his valiant battle, he attempts to do so with one eye open...just in case.


  1. Oh ScottieMom, you make me laugh and laugh. Thank You!!!

  2. Hilarious! Those are some great pictures.

  3. I am LOVING the pics of Mr K - he's soooo cute and cheeky and reminds me of Alfie :o)

  4. Socks are Bonnie's mortal foe. One day, I brought socks to the living room (cold feet) only to hear a deep growl, followed by a full frontal assault that wrenched them from my grasp. She killed the wicked things. Since then, her collection of sock corpses has grown. No longer do we try to put on socks where Bonnie can see, as she fights a never-ending battle to save us from sock demons.

  5. Hahaha, @Teepee12! Sock demons - love it!! Would love to see little Bonnie in action - Mr. K has never growled at socks but he has been known to steal one for fun from time to time...