A Scottie Who Dunnit

Scottie Who DunnitThe Scenario: Its 5 p.m. and we've just gotten home. All day my little puppies have been left all alone.

When I open the door, what do I find? Two naughty little Scotties with quite a mess they have left behind!

We've got a situation on our hands, don't you see? A classic who dunnit, not one time but three!

There is tissue everywhere and not a one left to spare. The trash can tipped over and the house in disorder.

One Scottie at the end of the hall stares me down while the other turns away with a frown.

And so, I ask you: who could it be? That has trashed our home not one time but three!

The Suspects:

Mr. K - A mischievious one and playful at that! Known to steal a sock or two but only in jest. Has this little one's love for fun led him to act anything less than his very best?

Heather -  Sweet, innocent girl who loves to explore. She has a smile that one can't help but adore! But has her innocence been feigned and left us all fooled? She has been known to get into trouble a time or two...

Let me know what you think - who could it be? The culprit will be revealed tomorrow at three!

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