The Road Less Traveled

[caption id="attachment_430" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Heather Heather takes the road less traveled.[/caption]

Every rescue Scottie has a story. And Heather is no exception. I believe Heather carries her experiences with her everywhere she goes. You can practically see it in her eyes when she glances your way...the depth behind her 'stolen' looks at you and those all-knowing gazes when she lets you cuddle close every now and then give her away readily. There is no sadness from what I can tell...just a profound understanding and acknowledgement of the wayward journey she took to find her happy home.

The important part, I've realized, is that though Heather indeed carries her experiences with her, she doesn't appear to let those experiences control how she lives her life now. That's an important lesson we all can learn from her. While she is all-the-wiser for going through the things she has (aren't we all?), she still has love in her heart to trust people and be compassionate to those around her, even the strangers she encounters on a daily basis. Sure, she still has habits from her 'past life' like going after those garbage cans but to come through all she has emotionally unscathed, that's an accomplishment!

They say experiences on the road less traveled help define a person's character. Well, I believe the same holds true for dogs. Heather can channel that inner street dog when she needs to, for life has taught her to be strong, but she also recognizes the importance of relationships and companionship. She doesn't hold back from expressing her emotions toward people and opening up her heart to them. In fact, it is this very trait that draws so many to like Heather instantaneously - especially since 9.9 times out of 10, that wagging tail and crooked smile is expressing just how happy she is that you've joined her on her extraordinary journey through life.


  1. So glad she has a loving home now and has overcome her experiences!

  2. In my many years of rescue I have found each little soul special. And each rescuer just as special. Heather & Mr. K are two very sweet souls.

  3. It is obvious that she now has a very loving home. She is absolutely beautiful!

  4. Wonderful message, filled with wisdom. In all fairness, I couldn't say who was or Heather.