Introducing Heather

After moving to Atlanta, it became apparent that Mr. K could use a companion, especially with the long hours I was pulling at work. Finding him the right brother or sister wasn't going to be easy. Mr. K is VERY particular about the dogs he likes. One day at Piedmont Park's dog park, Mr. K and I encountered several Scotties and I realized - much to my surprise - he really liked other Scotties!

And so, I sought out possible Scottie rescues that could serve as Mr. K's companion, found Tennessee Scottish Terrier Rescue Network and filled out an application. The next day, I was searching PetFinder and came across Heather, who happened to be part of the Tennessee Scottish Terrier Network and was being fostered by an incredible family who told me she had been found in a raccoon cage. Mr. K and I met Heather and her foster family in Tennessee one Saturday afternoon and within the hour, she was in the back seat of my car on her way to Atlanta.

Heather has a number of unique characteristics, including her love for burrowing her head in people's laps, her silly "haroof-ing" noises as we call them and her silent but stern demand for your complete attention - quite literally bulldozing her way through any obstacle to steal a pet from you. She's missing a number of teeth on the upper right side, indicative of some sort of trauma, but that doesn't stop her from smiling every day. She's had quite the life, from what we understand but her lifestyle has significantly improved over the last year, don't you think?


  1. Congrats on getting such a great Scottie girl. We too got a Wheaton colored Scittie from the TN Scottie Rescue And our Ginny has adapted nicely! She has won our hearts and loves her new home.

  2. Hi Kay - thanks so much! We're certainly happy to have her!! Heather has been such a treat to have around our home! Congrats to you and your family as well. I'm sure Ginny is a much happier pup now!!