Upgrading the Monopoly Scottie

[caption id="attachment_333" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Upgrading the Monopoly Scottie The Monopoly Scottie: from pewter to Erinite crystal.[/caption]

Monopoly has always been a favorite in our home and fortunately, we have one of the older verisons of the game so we never missed out when Hasbro decided to replace the Scottie piece with another dog. That's probably why, when Heather and Mr. K's Scottie Dad surprised me with a Swarovski Scottie last Christmas, I wasn't sure what I was supposed to do with it right away.

Then, it occurred to me: I could orchestrate an even flashier comeback of the Scottie dog piece by replacing the existing one with my new Swarovski Scottie! Of course, I kept the original Scottie that came with the board so more than one person could play with the coveted Scottie piece at a time. And what a reaction this new game piece got - can you imagine if all the pieces looked like that? Or, what's more, if there was a Monopoly board made by Swarovski?

Even better, now the Scottie piece comes to life in a game called Monopoly Streets that we've bought for the PlayStation3. In addition to being able to see the buildings being constructed as you go, each of the Monopoly pieces is assigned a character and, in the case of the Scottie, it's character is a fashionable, young woman who walks the dog around the board in a dress, ridiculous high heels and bug-eye sunglasses. Somehow, this pairing sounds all too familiar!

[caption id="attachment_340" align="alignright" width="300"]Scottie in Monopoly Streets Scottie waits outside of jail in Monopoly Streets.[/caption]

But beware! Don't get sent to jail - it will break your Scottie-loving heart when you see him reaching through the bars to reach for his companion. (Trust me, I've witnessed it too many times.) Hands down, the best part of the electronic game (besides not having to bank manually!) is when the Scottie and his companion win - suddenly, the game piece turns from a Mr. K to a golden Heather. Love that both my pups are represented!

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