And the culprit is...

[caption id="attachment_327" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Heather Heather is guilty as charged![/caption]

It didn't take us long to figure this one out. After coming home and finding the waste basket in the bathroom overturned and messes much larger than this, we decided to set the Scotties up and come back by surprise. Just minutes later when we reopened the door, guess who's little nose we found in the midst of tipping the waste basket over?

Of course when she saw us, she ran toward us, wagging her tail and acting nonchalant but (much to her dismay) the waste basket had overturned in her hurry to get away and she knew for certain that she had been found out. Now, we keep the doors shut and the trash troubles have stopped...except, of course, when we visit close friends, then Heather is so quick to help take the trash out!

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