Tough Toys for a Tenacious Tyke

When it comes to play time, Mr. K has very few requirements. He loves to fetch, play tug and most of all, figure out how to destroy any toy given to him. Unfortunately, this means we can go through a LOT of toys very quickly. It wasn't long after I adopted Mr. K that I began my search for the toughest toys in hopes to find one truly indestructible. Here are the top nominees for the ones I've found thus far. Feel free to suggest ones of your own!

6. Air KONG Squeaker Toys. By far, Mr. K's favorite! During his brief, 17-day stay at the shelter I discovered him, the volunteers were quick to realize that the only thing needed to brighten up Mr. K's spirit was a good, old-fashioned squeaking tennis ball. Unfortunately, Mr. K has gotten the destruction of all Air KONG Squeaker toys down to an art - I give him no more than 30 minutes of uninterrupted play time before any of these toys are split open. We've tried the lot of them and now only let him have the larger-than-life tennis balls that are probably meant for dogs twice his size to discourage early demolition of his toys.

Price: $4-12
Oh-so-tough? Nope.
Mr. K's FUN-o-meter: 2 paws up!

5. Martha Stewart Pets™ Fleece Tug Ball Dog Toy. A close second favorite squeaker toy of Mr. K's, the Fleece Tug Ball toys looked to be the solution to my problem, at first. Originally, these were labeled for tough tykes like Mr. K who play ruffff. However, there was an extreme difference in the product between the first and second time I bought it at PetSmart  - as if they toned down the durability of the toy, for whatever reason. However, it is still one of the better options in terms of balancing Mr. K's enjoyment and my quarterly budget for his toys.

Price: $7-10
Oh-so-tough? Sometimes.
Mr. K's FUN-o-meter: 2 paws up!

4. DuraChew® Bone. Originally bought for our Scotswoman Heather, this Nylabone has proven it can withstand a lot of Scottie love, errr...chewing. Both dogs actually enjoyed carting this little bone around the place from time to time although I can't say it had enough spunk to keep our little ball of energy occupied for long.

3. Martha Stewart Pets™ Squeaker Ball Dog Toy. We tried this one out simply because of the size. Similar to the larger Air KONG Squeaker tennis ball, just bigger due to the stuffed animal head on top. I got the impression the size was a little too much for Mr. K as he always chose the smaller toys when rushing to the living room and back to greet me each afternoon but this Squeaker Ball toy did get a fair amount of play time before it inevitably lost the battle with the destructive Mr. K. He never did break the actual ball part of the toy - just ripped off the cushioned head...

Price: $7-10
Oh-so-Tough? Mostly.
Mr. K's FUN-o-meter: 1 paw up!

2. Skinneez Beaver Dog Toy. This one was given as a gift to Mr. K and it is perfect for him, combining his love of tug AND squeak toys all in one. At the sound of the squeak, Mr. K is at attention and his energy abound, ready to take on the beaver - that is, only if he's got a human playmate. While he eventually silences the squeakers in this toy, we haven't seen this one rip just yet. Although, we did buy him a second one since he gets bored with toys that don't squeak. Alas, we're only on our second Skinneez toy in approximately 1.5 years. I'd say that's a success!

Price: $10
Oh-so-Tough? Yep!
Mr. K's FUN-o-meter: 2 paws up!

1. Martha Stewart Pets™ Fleece Ball Tug Toy. Ahh, there's nothing like a challenge to get Mr. K going. Again, we chose this one because of the sheer size of it. Just as big as the largest Air KONG Squeaker tennis ball, but wrapped in fabric making it look like a piece of candy! Amazingly, Mr. K doesn't seem to mind that this toy doesn't squeak. Usually, he's too preoccupied chasing it around our home and shaking it side to side, as if telling the toy it is only a matter of time before he conquers it. Most people are astonished by just how ruffff Mr. K plays with this one, and with little assistance or encouragement needed. This tug toy was first given to Mr. K during the Christmas season of 2010 and was only recently retired as Mr. K punctured a large enough hole in the fabric to expose the tennis ball inside. Once he had access the to ball itself, it was only a matter of minutes before the toy was history.

Price: $6-8
Oh-so-Tough? You bet!!
Mr. K's FUN-o-meter: Off the charts!


  1. Brodie loves the Skinneez toys-- she has a few of them that we've had for ages. The squeakers are long gone but she still loves to play with them (especially tug). Caolin only plays with Planet Dog Orbees. We'll have to try a few of your recommendations on Brodie, we're always in the market for tough toys!

  2. Planet Dog Orbees...haven't heard of them but definitely will look into that as well. Like you, we're always in the market for tough toys!! Mr. K is a ferouciously playful pup!