So Fresh, So Clean


Today, Heather and Mr. K went on another field trip for their first grooming appointment at Woof Gang Bakery in Buckhead. As I mentioned before, we've been in the market for a new groomer for a while. Usually, grooming day is pretty stressful for me as I never really know what to expect when I go back to pick them up. Sometimes, their hair is shaved down way too short, other times they trim the hair on Heather's ears and tail but leave Kenzie's as is, and still others I leave the establishment thinking, "What have they done to you?"

About once every other month or so, I bring them in for a formal grooming at one place or another, bite my nails for the four plus hours they are there and hold my breath as I wait to see them come around the corner and hope the groomer got it right. Today, that wasn't at all the experience. We walked in, I got them settled, saw their sad eyes watch me go and was off to work. A mere two and a half hours later, I get a call saying they will be finished in 20 minutes. That's the fastest grooming appointment I've ever had! Immediately, I panic - what does this mean? How are they done so fast? I pick up my keys and head for the car.

When I arrived, my babies started going crazy in the groomer's kennel and I was instantly relieved. They looked normal! Yes, their hair was quite short but given the fact that the animal hospitals had haphazardly shaved parts of their skirt and paws for medical purposes, it was important to even everything out so their coats grow in anew. And hey, it is summer time after all - who needs all that hair anyway?

If I had one thing to say to sum up this grooming experience, I would say it was efficient - in terms of time, location and, to a degree, even pricing. While I did spend approximately $30-40 more than I typically do ($160 before tip), I will say that I was comforted a bit by the fact there were only four dogs there, including my two. It was private and seemingly quiet, and though I'm sure they weren't thrilled to be there, I was comforted knowing that they likely had more individual attention in this atmosphere than some of the larger, chain grooming facilities out there.


  1. They look great! My husband now grooms our two Scotties-- we got tied of the costs of getting two scotties groomed and were never 100% happy with the groomers we tried. Now if we aren't happy with the results we only have ourselves to blame : )

  2. That's a great idea! I might need to learn how to do it myself!!