Year in Review: Heather & Mr. K's 2012

As the year comes to a close, it is only customary that we look back on Heather and Mr. K's most eventful year yet and share some of the memorable moments, particularly for the months when wasn't yet created. What are your favorite Heather and Mr. K moments of 2012?

[caption id="attachment_1834" align="alignleft" width="300"]147 Heather and Mr. K on moving day![/caption]

January 2012 - We moved into our new home in Buckhead Atlanta. It was strange being so high up at first but it didn't take long for Mr. K to feel comfortable enough to "chase" the moving cars below.

February 2012 - Mr. K and Scottie Mom rediscover the piano together. The piano's new location made it easy for Mr. K to play the instrument anytime he wants.

March 6, 2012 - A date this Scottie Mom will never forget. After my first day on the new job, I came home to find a very ill Mr. K. Within minutes, he couldn't walk and began convulsing. We rushed him to the hospital. By the time we got him there, he barely had a pulse. To this day, none of the vets we have visited have been able to tell me what went wrong or give us a definitive diagnosis. Read more about Mr. K's brush with death here.

024April 2012 - We celebrate Heather and Mr. K's "gotchya days!" Mr. K, now fully recovered from his health scare, was rescued April 17, 2010. Heather was rescued around the same time a year later. April 2012 was the first year I did not have the opportunity to rescue a Scottie in honor of my birthday. Perhaps April 2013 will bring one?

May 2012 - Scottie Mom helps Heather and Mr. K's aunt with an idea for her muttastic photography. (A number of the pawesome photos you see here on the blog are courtesy of Heather and Mr. K's skillful aunt.) During the process, Scottie Mom came up with an idea to create a site of her own that might provide insight on Mr. K's health issue. And so, the idea for was born.

June 2012 - Just three months after the day Mr. K got sick, we suspect Heather is sick. Her only symptoms are frequent urination and lethargy so we suspect a bladder infection. After running a few tests, vets have no clue what's going on but the illness seems to be similar in nature to what Mr. K experienced and Heather is hospitalized. Read the details of Heather's ongoing struggle to keep those liver values down in The Mystery Illness Returns.

022aJuly 2012 - The first post was published! Plus, Mr. K celebrates the Fourth of July by swimming in Scottie Grandmadre's pool! He absolutely loves the water but cannot swim for the life of him so his aunt helped him enjoy an afternoon in the pool. To watch the video of Mr. K becoming a super swimming Scottie, click here.

August 2012 - Project: International Scottie Love was launched. To date, we've had 90 photos of Scotties from 10 countries and 22 states across the United States submitted!

September 2012 - Heather falls for Scottie Dad's best friend and receives her first kiss!

October 2012 - Happy Birthday, Heather and Mr. K! We celebrated the lives of these two Scotties with a special pawty this year. Later that month, Heather and Mr. K dressed up as their alter egos: Heather the Lion Queen and Mr. K the strapping, young Penguin.

November 2012 - Mr. K elects himself president and launches a Scottie PR campaign in order to bolster the Scottish Terrier reputation and regain the ranks of the American Kennel Club's most popular breed listing. After all, Scotties have lived in the White House more times than any other breed so why not have one who’s actually president?!

DSC04038December 2012 - Scottie Dad asks Heather, Mr. K and Scottie Mom to be a part of his life forever in this very Scottie proposal! Best Christmas present ever!!

Also, a special shout out to Kyla Scott, Zena, Midy Voelker (and Hootie!), Dougall and Sharon for being some of Heather and Mr. K's biggest fans. Together, you've commented over 180 times on their stories! Much Scottie love goes out to you from Scottie Mom and family!


  1. A wonderful 2013 to the "gang of two" and peeps also.
    Kyla, Kaci and Kismet

  2. Thank you for bringing Mr K and Heather out for all of us to enjoy!!

  3. Great review!!! Nice to learn month by month the most outstanding events of these two ADORABLE angels!!! Love it! HAPPY 2013 for all of you and let's continue to spread the wonderful feeling of being owned by a Scottie!!! Yupiiiiii !!!!!

  4. Reading about Heather and Mr K along with Stuart of The Scottie Chronicles brings us such joy! Sorry you went through those very scary health experiences, but good for other Scottie Moms and Dads to be aware of. Have a Happy and Healthy 2013!

  5. Hoot and I can only agree with all the above comments. We have both enjoyed hearing of Heather and Mr. K's, as well as yours, trials and tribulations. Hoot roots on Mr. K in all his antics and he has a special place in his heart for Heather. Being a Scottie Mom isn't the easiest job in the world but we both are giving you an "Atta Girl" award because you are definitely succeeding in this most wonderful of jobs (and it's very apparent you are loving it!). We wish you, Scottie Dad, Heather and Mr. K a pawsitively happy, healthy and blessed 2013.

  6. I'll aarrroooOOOooo right back at ya! I love reading your blog!