The Charleston Scots


This weekend, Scottie Mom and the kids visited friends in Charleston, South Carolina. Hands down, the best part of our trip was bringing Heather and Mr. K to the beach on Sunday morning. Mr. K was absolutely thrilled to jump around in the waves and though Heather wasn't too thrilled to be near the water at all, she was eventually granted an all-access pass to roam the beach on her own due to good behavior. Up and down she would run across the beach...just along the shore but not too close to touch the water. Chasing after Mr. K (who was still running on his leash with Scottie Dad), Heather would then run back into Scottie Mom's arms for a quick hug and some pats on the back before taking off to see Mr. K and Scottie Dad again. Such happiness exuded from the freshly-converted Charleston Scots as we dusted off the sand and headed home!


  1. Oh, I'd love to go to the beach one day!

  2. I've only been to the beach one day in my over ten years. It was west of Oregon wine country. They wouldn't let me taste wine either.

  3. Macalister used to love to swim in Lake Michigan when we had our condo in Chicago. But after a bit, those little Scottie legs give out and Scottie's sink like a stone! :-). Gotta keep a good eye on them. But they sure loved digging in the sand!