Keepers of the Sky


For a Scottie, having a yard to patrol is very important. While Heather and Mr. K haven't been able to experience the luxury of having one of their own (YET!), they have been able to maintain their Scottie Security responsibilities and even take them to new heights. Literally. Over the last year, Heather and Mr. K have expanded their Scottie Security protection beyond the Scottie Mom household to extend it to all of Buckhead Atlanta. Every morning and most evenings, they can be seen from our highrise balcony keeping watch over the lands below. Mr. K likes to keep his eye on the automotive traffic, ears perking up everytime someone beeps their horn. Heather, on the other hand, likes to watch over the pedestrians and wags her tail when she sees someone being "green" by walking to and from work.

Together, these two Scots keep Buckhead safe and not an inch of land within their sight goes unnoticed. When all seems right with the world and their protective eyes have tired, Heather and Mr. K come back into the condo and collect their payment (a treat) for a good day's work. Then, they rest and cuddle up with Scottie Mom and Dad on the couch for some TV before bed knowing that when they wake up in the morning, they have a very busy world to protect all over again!


  1. If you give up the constant vigilance, you're toast.

  2. 24/24, 7/7 our Scotts are on duty, protecting their people!! Nice pics, lovely story and beautiful Scottie pups!!!! :)

  3. Good work. I keep watch from the front window. Not a human, dog, cat or car can pass without my notice!