Attack of the Air Mattress

[caption id="attachment_1688" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Beware, fellow Scottie friends. Evil lurks around the corner... Beware, fellow Scottie friends. Evil lurks around the corner...[/caption]

It started with a WHOOSH. My ears perk up. What was that? I turn left, nothing. Just Heather sitting in my bed. I turn right. Just Scottie Mom sitting on the floor. She looks at me and reaches over to pet me as if nothing happened. Just when I meet her glance, I hear it again. WHOOSH! Then, I see it. Scottie Dad's friend is behind it, trying to take the evil WHOOSHer down. He pushes and pushes but the thing is relentless. It WHOOSHES at my Scottie Mom, then at me. I must protect these hoomans. I bark. It WHOOSHES. I growl. It WHOOSHES. That's it! Now, the evil WHOOSHer is mocking me. I crouch down and show off my ferocious teeth. Scottie Dad's friend is no match for this WHOOSHer. He keeps pushing down on the WHOOSHer but it lives on.  This is a job only a Scottie can handle. It WHOOSHES again. I take off, bounding toward it - barking and growling the short way there.

The noise stops. I see Scottie Dad's friend back off. Oh, no! Doesn't he realize what will happen? I'm here to help him defeat the evil WHOOSHer, not defend hoomanity on my own. If he lets go, I'm vulnerable to an attack. Sure enough, it moves toward me. I bark letting it know I'm not afraid but I back off, far into a corner. I may be brave but I'm not stupid. These hoomans don't know what the evil WHOOSHer is capable of. It WHOOSHES at me again. I charge. It moves toward me again. Why doesn't Scottie Dad's friend have a good hold on it anymore? I back up. The WHOOSHer turns toward me and WHOOSHES again. And again. Time to activate my super Scottie powers. My back legs push with all their might and within a second I've caught the evil WHOOSHer by surprise. I rip off its snout. Now, Scottie Dad's friend springs into action. He exclaims and reaches for the snout as I thrash it from side to side, making sure it is good and dead. How dare Scottie Dad's friend try to take credit for ripping off the snout of the evil WHOOSHer that can WHOOSH no more?

Scottie Mom comes closer, pets me and takes the snout from me. Good. She'll dispose of the evil remains. Wait. NO! She hands it to Scottie Dad's friend. What is she doing? Does she not realize I just saved everyone's life? She and Scottie Dad's friend are laughing. He takes the snout and...unbelievable! He's putting it back on the evil WHOOSHer! I cannot let it come back to life. Just as I charge, I realize my feet are moving, but are no longer on the ground. Hands are picking me up. Does the evil WHOOSHer have an accomplice? No, it's Scottie Mom. She holds me in her lap. Well, at least I can protect her from here. Sure enough, the WHOOSHer starts up again but Scottie Dad's got a better hold on it. Why didn't he just leave it dead? He pushes down again and again, crushing his opponent.  It WHOOSHES and WHOOSHES until finally, it WHOOSHES no more. Scottie Dad's friend rolls in up and puts the dead WHOOSHer's body in a box, to be buried somewhere probably. Scottie Mom puts me down. I peruse the living room, checking to be sure not an ounce is left of the WHOOSHer and to watch out for any other traces of evil. All is clear. The hoomans are safe. Now, it's time to score some treats...


  1. Rule #1-it is always time to score some treats.
    Rule #2-Gotta protect the treat jar against Horrible Hoover, the evil Dr. Broom and the WHOOSHER.

  2. How funny is that... I know just what you mean Scottie! Human's just do not understand that you are trying to protect them!

  3. Lol! You sound very brave indeed!

  4. What a brave Scottie. We would have just run off and found a dark place to hide in! Well done you - go get them treats, you deserve it!

  5. Well done! Protecting our bipeds is very important.