The Scottie House Tour (in photos)


The main level of The Scottie House is nearly set up. And so, Heather and Mr. K would like to grant special access to their Scottie Mom friends and fans. Check it out and let us know what you think!


Come on in, friends!


This is the most important room in The Scottie House: the kitchen - where I eat.


Two Scots at the round table. Inherited from Heather and Mr. K's Scottie Great-Grandpadre, this formal dining room is not fit for two kings...but fit for two Scots (or more!).


Just because it is a formal dining room, doesn't mean it isn't comfy.


We haven't eaten in the formal dining room yet but Scottie Mom says we will for special occasions.


It's too warm to sit by the fire now but in a few months, it will be cozy!


Our porch...or should we say perch? This is where we keep watch over the world.

To see more of The Scottie House, watch Heather and Mr. K's tour on YouTube.


  1. I love it, very nice and love the kids at the table waiting for some treats.

  2. It is a pawsitively perfect Scottie house!

  3. Thanks Heather and Mr. K for a tour of your new home. It is beautiful! You two appear to be adjusting very well. I know you will spend many happy hours on your porch keeping watch over your hoomans.

  4. Wow! Your new home is just beautiful! It was just made for Mr. K. and Heather.
    You look like King and Queen of the Manor! And wait till you get to eat in the dining room!

    Much happiness to you both and the peeps in your new home. You all deserve it.

    McDuff's Mom

  5. Lovely home and I know the puppies will enjoy and Mr K will NEVER pee on the floor again!

  6. It is lovely!! Lots of steps and scotties are so funny on steps. Mine have misstepped many times and slammed into the wall at the bottom without any harm done. Mr K is like my guys and sleeps on the marble fireplace surround where it is the coolest in the summer!

  7. You have your priorities right. The most important room in a house is where the food is.

  8. Mom has fallen in love with your home...she says it is just arooooootiful!! AND the fact that it has 2 gorgeous scotties living in it makes it the perfect home xxx

  9. beautiful house and thanks for the tour scotties!

  10. It's a wonderful Scottie-House - I love it. Specially your counter top is great fur surfing. Now my mom is begging my dad for hours for a new counter top hahaha

  11. Mom is droolin' over your gorgeous house! You are pawsome tour guides.

  12. Excellent. The kitchen is the best room in the house!

  13. Many places for zoomies

  14. Beautiful HOUSE!! And the perfect home for two cute Scotties like Heather and Mr. K !!! Much happiness for all living at this lovely home... !!!! Thank you for the tour, Heather and Mr. K!!!!!

  15. I just found your blog and LOVE it. You two are so adorable!!!! I am owned by a wheaten scottie (my first and surely won't be my last) too. Anyway, I had to tell you that your new home is fabulous! Very gorgeous. You are two luck pups.