Capture the Clicker

I stole the remote. It was getting in the way. You see, there's a certain amount of required Scottie time that hasn't been happening lately and it was time to take action. So, I rebelled.

It started when we moved to the Scottie House. There was this big empty, zoomie space. Slowly but surely, it disappeared. But it took a lot of Scottie Mom and Dad's time to make it disappear. They work during the week and on weekends, they go out in the Scottie Mobile and come back with more stuff to fill what was left of the empty space. Sometimes, all they do is plop their new stuff and get back to the important stuff: playing with me. Others, like today, they have lots of boxes to unpack and then, hours of reading and assembling more things that take away my empty, zoomie space.

And when they are done, they are too tired to entertain me. So, I try to entertain them. They toss a toy back and forth a few times and it is great. Then, they go back to relaxing on the couch and pick up the remote. Don't get me wrong. We still get our walkies four times a day but a Scottie like me needs so much more than a walk. I need undivided attention, lots of play time, and belly rubs and ear scratches until I fall asleep.

And, since that wasn't happening, I staged an intervention. I jumped up and acted like I was going to chill on the couch, too. Then, when they put down the clicker, I snatched it up and took it into the Scottie room (which doubles as a guest bedroom). After a few chomps, I heard Scottie Mom coming and decided to play innocent and roll over. I figured she would get a few laughs when she saw I was giving her a peace offering. I'd forgive her after a few belly rubs and, in return for some extra attention, she could get her remote back.

Sure enough, Scottie Mom laughed when she saw me and I got my belly rub. She told me I communicate very well for a Scottie and that my message came across loud and clear. She promised me that next weekend she would give me and Heather a surprise and that there wouldn't be any housework. I jumped up right away. That sounds more like it! Looks like my plan worked. Now, the question is: what do you think our surprise is?!


  1. You can move stuff in your Scottiemobile? I barely have room for my chauffeur and me.

  2. You are very smart dude to get the remote and some attention. I will keep that in mind if I need to get my peeps to give me my due.

  3. Good job, I think I might have to try that :-)

  4. Mr K you are very clever. I might try that idea myself, only Dada seems to put the clicker down in different places each time and even He can't find it! Oh well, still like your idea so I'll "borrow" something else of Theirs!

    RooOOoodles Bobby xx

  5. Ha ha I just about fell over when I viewed the photo's.

    Can Mr. K get any cuter? I think not.

    Love the blog love Mr. K & Heather!!!