Tail-Wagging Tales of Destruction

[caption id="attachment_2743" align="alignnone" width="500"]Don't look at the camera - they'll know which one of us is guilty! Don't look at the camera - they'll know which one of us is guilty![/caption]

Some Scottie is terrorizing the new house. Every day we come home to another Scottie Who Dunnit needing to be solved. There are only two likely culprits so who could it be? Your guess is just as good as one coming from me!

Who Dunnit One: Some poo and some pee...and none of it under a tree. These "gifts" were left waiting for us on days one, three, seven and ten. All within mere hours of being left alone to roam The Scottie House free. But with walkies given four times daily, which of the two decided to repeatedly defy logic (and scheduled potty times) to express themselves in such a way?

Who Dunnit Two: A kitchen full of debris. White scraps here and there and bits of trash seemingly everywhere. What I couldn't understand at first was what all the scraps on the floor were from and, if it was trash, where did they get it? It wasn't until I opened the pantry door (which was still closed and inaccessible to Scotties) and found only half a bag of trash hanging on the door. Somehow, it all suddenly made sense. But which of the two were able to snag the bag from behind a closed door? Sounds like the work of an experienced trash raider to me...

Who Dunnit Three: The burglary. Just a matter of days into our move, one of our Scotties figured out how to open the master suite while Scottie Mom and Dad were away. Truth be told, the master does not lock so all it takes is a nudge from a stubborn Scottie body and the doors to the forbidden kingdom will magically open. And once those door were open, we had a repeat of Who Dunnit One plus a variation of Whodunnit Two, in which some Scottie Houdini-ed their way into the linen closet, took a serious bite out of a roll of toilet paper and once again, spread scraps of trash here and there. Could the same Scottie be responsible for all this mischief and mayhem or is all this chaos a result of a team effort?

Who Dunnit Four: The disappearing act. Want to freak a Scottie Mom out? Don't come running to the Scottie gate when she comes home like you normally do and especially don't respond when she calls your name several times and offers coveted treats. She will really go crazy when she doesn't see you on the main floor or even in the treasured master suite. Be extra quiet and just as she lifts the bed skirt to check under the bed, pop out with a big smile and wagging tail. Then, crawl toward her and roll over for belly rubs...no Scottie Mom can stay mad at that!

So, give it your best guesses...who could it be? The answers will be revealed tomorrow at three!


  1. :-) They do make life richer don't they? And they are almost bookends in the photo above and so obviously innocent!

  2. Oh dear. But you two have perfected the 'innocent look'!

  3. Oh, my. Looks like Scottie Mom has her hands full. Either one, or both, are perfectly capable of mischief altho I will admit Heather's sweet face belies that!

  4. MR K , I think the male would do it !!!

  5. I say it's a partnership effort. Kenzie and I used to partner to shred and eat books when They were away.Don't worry-we were OK because we always hit the cookbook collection.

  6. Sounds like Somedoggy has been at your house!