Scottie Dad to the Rescue

My Scottie boo-boo.
My right eye kept shutting on me after the big WHACK.
Me getting some R&R the morning after.
It's just a couple minutes before 5 p.m. Mr. K and I are snoozing the afternoon away when we hear the keys at the door. Mr. K jumps up and I peek my head around the corner from under one of my favorite hiding places. To my surprise, it's not Scottie Mom. It's Scottie Dad! I jump up excitedly and start dancing. He hasn't been home in days. He starts singing our favorite tune as he walk down the hall. I go wiggle wiggle, wiggle wiggle and rush out from underneath my hiding spot to greet him when suddenly, I feel a WHACK and a clammering noise behind me as my favorite hiding place falls to the floor.

Ouch. That frightened me so bad, I peed myself (and all over the floor). I hope Scottie Dad's not mad. He calls me over, pets me again and again, asking me if I'm okay and gives me a few treats to calm me down. Such a nice guy! I'm fine, really, but he insists on holding me there longer. He keeps looking at my neck. Then, he reaches for a clean cloth and starts wiping me. Doesn't he know Scottie Mom made an appointment for me to get a bath this weekend? I don't want to have two in one week! Well, that was the shortest bath I've ever had and Scottie Dad gave me another treat. I look up at him and see him reach for the phone. He's telling Scottie Mom what happened and next thing I know, he and I are on a father-daughter journey...just the two of us!

Now, let me tell you something about Scottie Dad and his car. It's not like Scottie Mom's car. Mr. K and I are never allowed in this one but that day, Scottie Dad said I get the passenger seat all to myself. Wow - that car was swanky! I love the heated seats that keeps my bottom warm. I snuggle up and absorb the warmth, smiling the entire way to the vet. Scottie Dad laughs when he sees me so happy and yet, he seems confused. I think he thinks I should be in pain or something but I'm not. I'm just happy for some father-daughter time in the forbidden car! We arrive at the V-E-T (I should have guessed that's where we were going. I tend to go there quite frequently now) and the lady behind the counter looks at me funny when Scottie Dad tells her my name. I later found out that she and I say the same name and I think she was insulted to share her name with a dog. Well, I've got news for her: it's an honor, really! Especially to share a name with a cute, little Scottie like myself...

Anyway, a new V-E-T came into the room and put one of those nasty staples on the back of my head. Secretly, I'm smiling. Little does Scottie Dad know but now that I have this staple, I am not longer eligible for a bath! The V-E-T gives Scottie Dad some funny looking (and rather tasteless) treats to be mixed in with my food twice a day and we're back in the super cool car on our way home. I rush through the door when we get there. Surely, Scottie Mom is home. Yes, there she is! I go crazy, excited to see her and she gives me lots of kisses. Not more than an hour or so passes and I'm kind of trying to fall asleep...but not really. Only one of my eyes is closing and only halfway. Scottie Mom looks at me funny, as if she's concerned. I hear her on the phone. She's talking about me (but that's not uncommon) and then I hear her say she'll bring me right in. Right in where? Please not the V-E-T again!

This time, Mr. K joins us for moral support...probably more so for my Scottie Mom. I'm the independent type. Much to my dismay, we arrive at the V-E-T again and I'm not quite sure why. The V-E-T takes a look at my eye and tells my Scottie Mom that while there is no scratch, there is definitely irritation in my right eye. She puts a funny feeling cream in my eye and soon, I don't feel any discomfort anymore. The V-E-T gives my Scottie Mom a bottle of eye drops and each day, Scottie Mom and I sit down together three times a day and a single rain drop just happens to fall in my right eye every time. So strange! It's nearing midnight now and I'm super tired. I tell Scottie Mom it is time to go and we all hop into the car. Once home, Scottie Dad is there to greet me again and I thank him with kisses for our special time together but I also remind him that the V-E-T does not count for bonding time. No, in fact, the more I think about it, the more I believe Scottie Dad owes me another spin around town in his sweet ride...preferably on a chilly day so I can be roasty toasty and still enjoy the scenery!


  1. Goodness Miss Heather, you really have been in the wars lately.

    Get better soon sweet girl

  2. Oh noes, you poor thing. Glad you're OK though and guess it was all worth the spin in the nice car:-)

  3. Good golly, Miss Heather! My Momma always says "into each life some rain must fall" but have had a downpour. Wishes for a speedy healing and no more visits to the V-E-T.

  4. Nice to learn that you had a bonding time with your Scottie Dad, Heather! Yes, Most of Scottie Dads are extremely in love of their cars, so it is not srrange to confirm that most of their cars are the "forbidden cars" for Scotties!!! Hihihihi

  5. That's your car, now. I have my own.

  6. Poor Heather...Never a dull Moment! At least you got to ride in Dad's car! Cool!
    How did you scratch your eye...and get the boo boo...did you bang into something? Well we're thinking of you and sending Scottie prayers for you for a speedy recovery...till then..Hey..No Bath?...Woo Hoo
    Your Pals Tessie & Talloulah