Revenge of the Broken Dew Claw


A few months ago, over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, Mr. K  suffered a broken dew claw courtesy of his Scottie Mom's foot. Not a yelp or even a peep came out of his mouth. Instead, he ran up the stairs ahead of me in pursuit of one of the evil C-A-T-S that reside at his Scottie Grandmadre's house. Now, his precious paw is all healed and he may have forgotten the instance all together, but I haven't.

In fact, I was recently reminded of it when I accompanied a friend of mine out for a night out on the town. There we were, standing in a bar talking to people when I felt a stab of a stiletto heel on my middle toe. And, as she shuffled, another stab on the two toes next to that one. I, unlike Mr. K, was not the kind to suffer in silence. I shrieked as the pain shot through my foot and the blood started flowing. And once my foot was released from under my friend's, I even lost my own footing for a short time. It is in times like this that I wish we were as resilient as our Scottie companions.

Aside from licking his paw every once in a while after I stepped on his paw back in November, Mr. K showed no sign of injury or discomfort. He was perfectly content to continue playing and getting into his usual mischief. My injury had me hobbling around without shoes, wincing for a good day or two and though the pain was signifcant, I wasn't about to tend to my wounds by licking them like Mr. K does when he's hurt! Alas, in a few days, everything went away but not before a stern lesson was learned: What goes around, comes back around...and twice, if not three times, as hard!

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  1. broken claws are awful - i have currently the same probleme (claw was removed by vet)

  2. Oh Poor MR.K~ we feel so badly for you. One time Our Groomer cut Tessie;s dew claw a bit too short and it wouldn't stop bleeding~ Mom was a wreck..she stayed curled up licking it for days...Mom started to cry but the Groomer said she would be fine and to put some white powder on it,,,well now Tessie doesn't let ANYONE touch her nails to this day! She remembers and won't forget. The Vet said not to worry because she has such thick fat short nails...not to worry about cutting them..after he and 5 Techs tried holding her down ...trying to get to her nails!...LOL She said Oh no you didn't and oh no you won;t! A lesson learned for Tessie...what a memory she has. All she wanted was Me!
    Apparently it must be terribly painful so our Praise to BRAVE MR K. we know it wasn't easy for you Baby...we send you kisses for your Boo Boo..and we love you!

  3. Don't mess with my feet or any part thereof.