Faster than the Speed of Scotties

Life with Scotties never slows. Whether it's a trip to the park or another visit to the vet, the Scottie Mom is always on the move. It's hard to believe that just 11 short months ago, our Scottie health troubles started...first with Mr. K and then with Heather. It seems like just yesterday it all began. If there's one thing to be said about Scotties, though, it is that they are very resilient creatures. It took Mr. K less than two weeks to completely eradicate whatever strange illness overcame him last March and he hasn't looked back since. Heather seems to be very much of the same path, having played host for a malignant form of localized cancer called liposarcoma one minute and getting rid of it all together the next. Today, they are both my little fur balls of energy, exploding with happiness from their wagging tails to their smiling faces.

I don't pretend to understand any of it for a minute. Sure, I suppose I am all the wiser of a Scottie Mom for having stood by my little ones throughout their ordeals but really, I owe their lives to advanced veterinary medicine and a very Scottie-like strong will power to live. And while I'm still grasping at straws to comprehend everything we have all been through, Heather and Mr. K have seemingly put their trials and tribulations behind them already as if they are prepared to move forward, take on the world and see what silly adventure they stumble upon next for their favorite Scottie Mom readers. Now that is a lesson we all could learn: to take life as it comes, enjoy it for what it is, fight only the necessary battles and restore it to its previously harmonious and happy state as quickly as possible. You know, I may be the Scottie Mom here but it seems like these fur kids aren't done teaching me new things about life just yet.

Needless to say, there's never really a dull moment in the life of a Scottie Mom. Heather's vet recently revealed she'd like us to consider testing Heather for Cushing's disease. Normally, I'd be panicking about what those results would be long before we even agree to take the test. Then, there's the ALP liver value that still hangs around 500 and the worry of whether the big C will come back and haunt my baby girl. This time, however, I've decided to take the Scottie high road and follow my fur kids' examples. I'll let life take the leash and hope that it affords me many more happy years with my babies. Who knows? Maybe by applying this Scottie method to dealing with the cards life deals you, we'll soak up more of the good times and be speeding on by the bad, faster than the speed of Scotties!


  1. Cushing's??? I know almost nothing about this. I have the opposite which is Addison's. Cushing's is too much of a hormone and Addison's is not enough. It's not a death sentence if treated properly. Today, I went to the vet for my once every 25 days injection. It's not cheap- about $213.00 a bottle that lasts 100 days plus the expenses of the hypodermic needle. The vet actually has the vet techs do it and the labor costs nothing but the supplies are a killer and it averages out to $2.50 a day every day of my life but my Scottie parents know i'm worth it. I'm a lucked-out rescue who found the right peeps. I tell you what, you send me the excess and we'll both be OK.

  2. My uncle Fergus has Cushings and he's nearly 12, don't worry too much. With medicine it's no biggie!

  3. Scottie Mom, you have a wonderful attitude....or should I say Scottitude! And because of it y'all have that undying love for each other. Nothing could be finer.....

  4. I said this before and i repeat it now: Heather has taught us a BIG lesson. It seems so easy for our Scotties to overcome difficult situations, and sometimes so difficult for us, hoomans, to surpass taugh momemts in life. But Heather's lesson is there, ready to be learnt and assumed by us... Without forgetting to keep enjoying the unconditional love of our wise and brave Scotties!!!

  5. my mum had the human form of cushings, the effects, untreated can be nasty, but from what we understand, treatment for dogs is easier than for people. there's medicine doggies can take, but my mum had to have her brain operated on! :O (that explains a lot...maybe they took to much? bol!)

    edgar and his sometimes adled mum

  6. As testing ruled out many things for Frosty's liver values all fingers pointed to cushing's. before I would have her tested I did research & discovered
    Petwellbeing & had Frosty on Supraglan ( a natural supplement ) from them. Her symptoms greatly diminished & seemed calmer.
    Healthy thoughts for Heather.