7 Life Lessons a Scottie will Teach You

Raising a Scottish Terrier can teach you more about yourself than you think possible. When I first became a Scottie Mom, I had no idea what the Scottie crew would have in store for me or how much they would teach me. Years later, I consider myself all the wiser because of the life lessons my Scottie dogs have instilled. Below are just a few of the life lessons a Scottish Terrier will teach you.

Seven Lessons

7. Take life seriously...but not too seriously. We all have a purpose in life and sometimes, life requires us to buckle down and get down to business to discover that purpose. Work hard to achieve your goals but don't forget to destroy some toys and eat treats along the way.

6. Stand tall and proud. Confidence goes a long way in shaping the way others perceive you. Confidence commands respect and causes others to stop and see what you're doing different. Just be sure not to confuse confidence with arrogance and stay humble at the core.

5. Savor the good stuff. And don't let it go to waste! Be thankful for every meal.

4. Love without limits. A Scottie's love knows no bounds. You can even feel it long after they've gone. Vow to cherish those closest to you and shower them with your love...you'll never know a lonely heart.

3. Loyalty pays. Let's face it: it pays to have good friends. Choose your pack carefully and once you've established it, look out for them and have their back through thick and thin, just like you'd expect them to look after you.

2. Stay sharp. You never know when the next opportunity to chase and realize your dream (of catching a squirrel) will come around. Therefore, you must stay alert and hone your skills.

1. Snuggle up. Know when to call it a day. Nothing beats curling up with a big, fluffy blanket at the end of the day and getting a good night's sleep to recharge your batteries. Go ahead, stretch out and relax. Tomorrow's another day.


  1. Great article. Bonnie approves. Except she would probably say it's important to keep your humans in their place too!

  2. We love your stuff! Sounds like the pawfect way to live a scottie life.

  3. I like it! But, maybe something about being a good boy... Most of the time!

  4. reading this was a nice way to start the day! thank you!

  5. If you get a treat for something, now you're entitled and deserve one each and every time that something happens.

  6. If you are lucky enough to have a Scottie in your life , cherish every minute. They truly are special, they are just gone to soon.

    1. Yes we are on #3 my sister has 1 my nephew has 2 gorgeous dogs xx ( little peeps).

  7. Love my Scottie boy and being a Scottie mom.They are truly special dogs.

  8. Don't forget the zoommmmieeessssss

  9. Always find the sunny spots and enjoy them while they are there.

  10. susieandsidebiteMay 18, 2014 at 8:25 PM

    Yep, thats us Scotties, we got lots to give and show what life is about!

    The Mad Scots

  11. So true. I could never foster. I would never give them up.

  12. Love without limits. A Scottie's love knows no bounds. You can even feel it long after they've gone....So so True ! I feel my Daisy's Love and always will. I miss her so much..