A Tale of Traveling Scots

All packed and ready to go!
Are there any snacks for the road in this thing?
Forget the Scottie Mobile! Scottie Dad was nice enough to let us ride in his car.

And we're back! After five days and a total of 30 hours on the road, Heather and Mr. K are enjoying the familiar comforts of the Scottie House once more. It was an eventful weekend. Heather and Mr. K got a taste of three states and were treated to stays at three different hotels. (Details to follow in the coming days.) Perhaps the most surprising element of the trip, however, happened before we even left the driveway when Scottie Dad announced we were taking his car - which is normally off-limits to Heather and Mr. K! While I can't say for sure that they preferred this car over the Scottie Mobile (both Heather and Mr. K tend to enjoy road trips no matter what we're driving), it is safe to say that these two arrived at our destination in style and proceeded to win everyone over with their Scottie charm! 


  1. Glad you are back! and I hope there were much snacks for the road in that bag :o) btw: my mom is impressed how nice and wellbehaved you ride on the back seat... seems she want's a scottie now too :o)

  2. We go on Their road trips also. We don't take the Scottiemobile-that would be a little cramped. There would be no room for treats and we just can't have that.

  3. Road Trips are fun but coming home is Great. Glad you are back.

  4. You got to travel AND stay in hotels.....sweet!

    Bella hates travel, even short trips, so we don't go very far.