A Scottie Stay: Hampton Inn Pine Grove

After a long day of driving, Heather and Mr. K let Scottie Mom know it was time to call it a night.
Heather Beather climbed right onto the human bed as soon as we stopped at a nearby hotel.
So did Mr. K...but he was more interested in playing ball, not falling asleep.
The next morning, Heather requested breakfast in bed while she watched the morning news.
Mr. K, on the other hand, had serious business to attend to and opted to sit at the desk and keep friends posted on his adventures via Facebook.
Since the road trip got off to a late start, Heather and Mr. K only made it as far as Pennsylvania the first night. We stopped at Hampton Inn Pine Grove around 2 a.m. and called it a night. Heather and Mr. K were delighted by the fact they had a human bed all to themselves. Heather Beather curled up next to the white, fluffy pillows right away and prepared to get her beauty rest. Meanwhile, Mr. K was working off all that extra energy he hadn't been able to use being cooped up in a car all day. Back and forth he would run, chasing after his beloved squeaky tennis ball before he finally settled down. Though the four of us were only at Hampton Inn Pine Grove for a few hours before we continued our journey, we were very grateful for a place to rest our heads that offered a free continental breakfast (for the humans, of course) and a room conveniently located on the first floor near an exit so we didn't have to go far any time Heather and Mr. K had to go potty!


  1. Heather, you'll go nuts watching the human news. Scottie Mom, of course, brought some of the breakfast back for you both.

  2. Looks like you guys are just made for hotels. You settle right in, like scotties.