A Scottie Stay: Hilton Stamford Hotel

Heather and Mr. K taking in the view of the third and final hotel of our latest road trip.
The hotel was complete with a water feature in front of it...Mr. K just had to explore.
About two seconds after this photo was taken, Mr. K dunked his head into the pool of water and nearly climbed in for a dip!
Heather enjoyed the scenery from one of the many park benches located just outside the entrance.
Perhaps Mr. K's favorite part of this hotel was watching the passersby go through the mysterious revolving doors.
The view from the top wasn't too shabby, either, Mr. K said.
Heather was ready to write about her experience at the Hilton straight away.
Mr. K was just happy to be out of the car for a while so he could have some much-desired zoomie time.
Overall, Heather and Mr. K were pleased with the amenities.
Although there weren't two human beds this time, Mr. K made sure to score some snuggle time the next morning after Scottie Dad had vacated the bed.
 The third and final hotel of our road trip, Hilton Stamford Hotel in Stamford, Connecticut, was arguably the better of the three places we stayed all weekend if for no other reason than the ample green space available to Heather and Mr. K for their walks. It seems simple enough but any traveling dog mom can appreciate things like walkable, scenic outdoor space and a conveniently located doggie waste bin (complete with poop bags!) nearby. Truth be told, many of the dog-friendly hotels we've stayed at don't even have these simple features. 

Not only were we able to take dozens of great photos thanks to the beautifully-landscaped outdoors, the room itself had plenty of space for the four of us - even with Mr. K bounding back and forth from the door to the couch in a fit of zoomies later that night. And while we only had one human bed in the room, Heather and Mr. K didn't seem to mind making themselves at home on the couch located just two or three steps away from us. The only thing we took issue with was the hotel's pet fee. On the Hilton Stamford Hotel's website, it states there is a $50 non-refundable pet fee per stay. However, we were charged $100 for a one-night stay with Heather and Mr. K.

Overall, our experience was pretty good at all three of the hotels we stayed at on our road trip: Hampton Inn Pine Grove, Providence Marriott Downtown and Hilton Stamford Hotel. Now, it is time for Heather and Mr. K to enjoy the comforts of home for a while before we hit the road again just after Christmas for the Scottie Mom wedding in New York City!


  1. Way to go, K! They meaning of life can be found watching humans in revolving doors.

  2. We've NEVER stayed in ANY hotel! You're so lucky.

  3. Sylvia and Lexie BusqueNovember 13, 2014 at 9:22 PM

    Thanks for sharing the beautiful pics of Ms. Heather and Mr. K! They were terrific! Such beautiful Scotties! Kisses and hugs to both of them! I agree that $100 pet fee for one night was quite pricey. We only had to pay $100 for our Lexie for an entire week when we went on our vacation in September. At least you got to take your babies with you! ♥

  4. you should publish a scottie-howltel-guide :o) I like your bed-selfie Mr. K :o)

  5. Great to read this blog, I only can say; Heather and Mr K deserve the best in their life for sure.