A Scottie Stay: Providence Marriott Downtown

Photo courtesy of marriottprovidence.com.
By now, you must be wondering: what made us trek 15+ hours from Atlanta, Georgia to the city of Providence, Rhode Island? Well, a Scottie Mom cousin happened to get married that weekend (congratulations, guys!) and we just knew Heather and Mr. K would love to be part of the adventure so they could report back their findings to our friends.

We had high hopes for Providence Marriott Downtown as our last few stays at Marriott properties were exceptional. The reservations were made easily online, there was only a one-time, $50 non-refundable pet fee, the location was three minutes from the wedding reception venue and the photos of the hotel from the website looked gorgeous. What could possibly be wrong with this picture?

Check-in was a bit confusing. Though pets are allowed to stay at Providence Marriott Downtown, they are not allowed to stay in the room unattended, according to the hotel policy, and they require guests to sign off on a form promising not to leave pets in the hotel room alone and acknowledging the fact the hotel has the right to remove pets from the room for any reason. Needless to say, I didn't find this policy to be particularly pet-friendly. While I would love to take Heather and Mr. K with me everywhere I go, with a wedding on the weekend agenda, it just was not possible this time. Luckily, we worked out an arrangement but the added stress at the initial check-in was a bit of an unpleasant surprise.

All in all, our stay was just fine. The room had two human beds (each of which Heather and Mr. K made a point to claim separately leaving the humans - if they had their way - to sleep on the floor), an armchair by the window so Mr. K could keep watch over the grounds, and more. They also had a salon onsite that fit me into the schedule so I could have my hair done just before the wedding...which made me think: how pawesome would it be if hotels had a doggie salon so they could be all fresh and clean for the ride home?! Has anyone ever found a hotel that offers this and other super pet-friendly services?


  1. We always go to the event so we're never left behind. The last wedding They attended was one from Yorkie (terrier) rescue. Dogs were part of the ceremony. OK, no cheating like google or whatever.

    A trivia question. What state or Canadian province is closest to Rhode Island except for Connecticut or Massachusetts (who share land borders)? You can make your answer in miles or kilometers but I'm not asking for that, it's the political division that's required. I trust you to make your answer in your head before you publish this post and email it to me. Those who think they know can be safe that they know Atlantic geography. This is from a Scot who has never been east of the Rockies.

  2. Thank you for sharing this info about the hotel, especially the "no dogs unattended" policy. That is something to keep in mind for future travels and to confirm what their policies are. Glad Heather and Mr. K had a fun time along with Scottie Mom and Dad!

  3. That's a super place for scotties :o) I love that your room had two beds, so you can pick the best one for you :o)