The Scottie Walker

Dear friends - Scottie Mom's taking on a new job. A new job that we hope will bring her one step closer to our goal of making her a full-time Scottie Mom where she does nothing but write and entertain the Scottie Moms and Dads of the world with our silly shenanigans and cute Scottie selves! This new job is a huge step up for Scottie Mom but we were very upset to learn just how far it would take Scottie Mom away from us. So much so, that she had to hire a Scottie walker...gasp!

Right now, Scottie Mom works within walking distance of the Scottie House. This is great because we get walks in the morning, a walk at lunch (if it is a slow day at the office) and two walks in the evening. So, even though Scottie Mom is gone much of the day, we still get to see her. This new job, which will take her an hour away from the Scottie House, makes it hard for her to come see us during the day like we're used to so she called on our friend Lucky's Shih Tzu Mom and asked her to become our official Scottie walker. Lucky tells us she's good with giving treats - well, at least that's a plus!

We're going to miss Scottie Mom when she starts this new job in August but we think it might be best to milk the situation for all it is worth. For example: Scottie Mom, you've been gone a lot about a new toy? Or, Scottie Mom - you came home to us awfully late...don't you think we deserve an extra treat for your temporary abandonment? Ok, maybe we won't make her feel worse than she already least not all the time. What we don't understand, though, is why our humans have to work. Isn't it true all you need is love and a Scottish Terrier (or two)? - Heather and Mr. K.


  1. Good luck in your new endeavor, Scottie Mom! Paws crossed for you! Heather and Mr. K, I am sure Lucky's Mom will soon become a pushover for you and your treats, too!

  2. H&K, just think. No job=no treats for H&K!

  3. Hmmmm...we discussed this new situation of yours with our mom and she said "no pain, no gain" - we have no idea what she's talking about so here is our take on the matter: it sucks that Scottie Mom is not going to be around to walk you BUTT we think Shih Tzu Mom is going to make a grrreat substitute AND this means that you will get to see Lucky more often! ; if this new job means that Scottie Mom may one day be free to be a full time Scottie Mom, we say embrace it with all 4 (8) paws!! We'd give ANYTHING to have our mom at home with us full time.
    Good luck with the new job Scottie Mom and hang in there Miss H and Mr K...better days are just around the corner, we can sniff it!!
    Wally & Sammy

  4. that are very good ideas, you should write it down in your pawsonal Bad Idea catalog. I have no clue why humans have to work...maybe because they are no dogs?

  5. Work is a four-letter word. Just think you won't be there to help her through stressful days. She'll have to wait until she gets home! BUT we're glad that you've got a scottie walker....shows who's important in your household!

  6. All you need is love
    All you need is love
    All you need is love, love
    Love is all you need

    Oh Mr. K and Heather you must be Beatles fans. Great luck in the dog walker.
    Sweet William The Scot

  7. That's a very wise plan you have there, but we also know that Scottie Mom loves you very much and has done a good thing in getting you a Scottie walker. You will enjoy all those walkies for sure.