Another Whole Dog Bath

Does that sign say food and treats? Let's go!
Why, Scottie Mom, why?
He's smiling now but just wait until he gets in the tub...
Your turn, Mr. K. I'm staying curled up in towels down here.
The end result: don't we looking smashing?!
The V-E-T finally gave us the OK to give Heather a bath now that the incision on her tail has healed so we visited Whole Dog Market yesterday to give the pups a little scrub-a-dub-dub in the self-wash tub. You might remember reading about our first trip there back in April and the hilarious photos of Heather and Mr. K none too happy with us for bringing them there. This time, they were too preoccupied with strolling along and sniffing the treats to realize they were really there for a dreaded B-A-T-H...that is, before it was too late and they once again were in the tub. Lots of bubbles, water and brushing later, Heather and Mr. K were finally set free and each was rewarded with a bully stick. Suddenly, B-A-T-H time didn't seem so bad to these two Scots!


  1. And you both look SO GORGEOUS afterward! That's a Christmas card picture, for sure, Scottie Mom!

  2. I'm with Mr K, the first line of that sign is OK, but a come on. The rest of the establishment is a lie.

  3. that's what I ask me too, Heather... WHY? I had to take a bath too and I made the same face like you. You look always great even without a bath, you are scotties :o)

  4. Sid and Shelby dread bath time. It is a struggle.

  5. That just really confuse me. How can you get all those wonderful smells into the dreaded place. It is just not right.
    Sweet William The SDcot