The Pawtographer

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There are three key components to the Scottie Mom & Dad Wedding. One is the dress. Second is the pawtographer. And third is Heather and Mr. K's participation, of course. Just not in that order. I've always been a sucker for great, photojournalistic wedding photography. Now that Heather and Mr. K share so much of their lives with others, I felt it was important to not only find a good photographer but to find one that had worked with clients who incorporated dogs into their weddings somehow. That way, Scottie Mom friends and fans can see the day come together with Heather and Mr. K there.

That's when I discovered A Day of Bliss Photography. I actually have to credit this find to Scottie Dad who, like me, fell in love with their work the minute he stumbled upon them. We met with Wolfgang and Chiaki at their studio during our last visit to New York back in May. A few weeks later, we ended up signing a contract with them once I talked to the venue's event coordinator and confirmed that Heather and Mr. K could be part of our special day. Now, the only person left to convince is Scottie Dad (can I get a collective, "C'mon Scottie Dad..." and your best pouty/begging faces, please?)

My tentative plan - for now - is to have Heather and Mr. K with me in the bridal suite while the ladies are getting ready. That way, we at least have those moments captured on camera. Regardless of whether Heather and Mr. K get to participate in the actual ceremony ("C'mon, Scottie Dad..."), I still need to find the perfect outfits for this occasion. I envision Heather in a simple, but elegant white dress and Mr. K in a tux he can't figure out how to rip off and destroy. Yes, that would certainly be ideal! Any fellow Scottie Moms know where I can find these precious garments fit for two Scots?


  1. I'll be really, really upset if H and K aren't an integral part of it. H should be in the bridal party and K should be best man! OK, OK, OK so you have human friends for that, but you can improvise. Have the human best man take the ring from K, maybe in a backpack-after all it's really K who's giving Mom away but also staying. Have H throw the bridal bouquet, OK, so what if she eats it? She needs her veggie vitamins and nutrients. For crying out loud, no doggie clothes- you can put a bow on H's head and a bow tie on K-no tuxes or long dresses. It sounds like you need a Scottie curmudgeon to run the show.

  2. Oh yeah!!! They HAVE to be in the wedding!!! It is "their" big day also... After all...didn't they have to "approve " of Scotty Dad???

  3. We think Kyla may have finally found her planner!!!
    Wally & Sammy

  4. I have to agree with Kyla, bow and tie I think for Scottie's. C'mon Scottie Dad. Pretty Please.

  5. C'mon Scottie Daddy. You have to have your babies at the wedding.

  6. "C'mon Scottie Dad.... please imagine my sad puppy-eyes, but they are mesmerizing I swear :o)