Scottish Terriers of Instagram

Didn't get enough of #TooCuteTuesday on Facebook? Allow us to introduce you to this week's #ScottishTerriersofInstagram. Let's give a special shout out to Kadie (first photo) and Pippin, the Scottish Terrier in the last photo...both cancer survivors. Kadie was declared cancer-free in May 2015, according to her blog, and is truly an inspiration. Pippin, on the other hand, has received treatment at his V-E-T's oncology department since 2013 and has a whopping 8 pounds of paperwork to his name. We wish you both well, sweet Scotties! If you'd like to share your Scottish Terriers' Instagram photos with us, upload your photos to Instagram using #ScottishTerriersofInstagram or tag @TheScottieMom. Oh, and be sure to follow us and this week's featured Scottie dogs! 

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  1. We sure wish that Kyla were a cancer survivor

  2. All very cute Scotties! Kisses to all of them! Thank you for the great pictures!