How to Keep your Pet Smelling Fresh

Mr. K can clear a room with his not-so-silent bottom 'splosions.

Heather's breath has never been as sweet as her demeanor.

Calling all sensitives noses! We may have found two potential solutions for you. Scottie Mom friends have long been aware of Scottie Dad's sensitivity to smells, particularly of the canine persuasion. For years now, we've been in search of something that could keep the peace in the Scottie House in between B-A-T-H-S and to solve the problem of bad breath and Scottie farts. We've tried everything from wipes and sprays to fresh breath treats as well as Smells Begone and scented candles to reed diffusers and Febreze fresheners for the Scottie House...all with varying degrees of minimal to temporary relief for Scottie Dad's overly sensitive nose.

Recently, we stumbled across these two products by happytails when visiting local pet boutiques. Skeptical at first, I decided once again to take a chance on a product hoping to silence the smelly dog complaints once and for all. The first product, Dry Dog Instant Clean, we would use in between B-A-T-H-S. The second sounded most intriguing - perhaps because the product says it also can be used on husbands! Called Dog Smog Remedy, it isn't hard to guess what this spray is meant to do. Hint: if it works, we might not have stories like The Little Stinker to share with you in the future.

We're only a week or so into the trial period and I'm cautiously optimistic. Though my own sense of smell is all but nonexistent, I did manage to get a slight whiff of the scent when spraying the Dry Dog product on Heather and Mr. K. Even Scottie Dad couldn't help but agree it gave a much fresher scent than the other sprays we've tried. As for the Dog Smog Remedy, the verdict is still out. With just a spritz in the water bowl, I don't expect the dog breath and passing gas issues to go away overnight with the help of this product. We'll surely keep you posted on the results.

Tell us: how often do you give your dog a B-A-T-H? Do you have any tips to share on how to keep your furry friends smelling fresh and bad breath or doggie-fart free?

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  1. Hey K-don't you believe it. Most of those explosions come from the peeps' Uncle Ed or Aunt Rose. They blame it on the dog. I know, they blame this big log of poo on me, a small parrot.