Looking for more Scottie Love?

Check out the full collection at zazzle.com/thescottiemom.

There's no doubt that the most wonderful time of the year goes to the Season of Scotties. Think of all the fun we have scouting out the holiday Scottie items every winter. Then, as quick as the season comes, it is gone in an instant...and with it, a lot of the precious Scottie stock.

Until now, that is! No longer should we Scottie Moms and Dads be forced to wait until the Season of Scotties to find the cutest Scottie items. Many of you asked me to take our logo and create memorabilia just for us Scottie Moms and that, my friends, is just what I've set out to do. Heather and Mr. K have helped me set up a store on Zazzle where I will be designing Scottie accessories year-round. And, what better way to kick things off with a little Scottie Love?

If there's someone in your life in need of a little Scottie Love this Valentine's Day, we've got you covered with an assortment of greeting cards and other fun Scottie dog gifts. Got a Scottie product in mind that you would like to have us design for you? Let us know by commenting below and tell us what coveted Scottie items you want most (if only you could find them!). 


  1. you had me at arrroooo? that's supercute! I love it! and it's so much scottie!
    Easy Rider

  2. We went over and looked at your shop, you got some cute things.
    Sweet William The Scot