Happy Tails: Charlotte's Story

Charlotte, now seven years old.

Friends, meet Charlotte. Like so many of our fellow rescue Scots, she's got quite the Cinderella story to share! Charlotte is an alumna of Scottish Terrier Rescue of Brazil. (You might remember previously reading about the group's fabulous work in the post, "The Rescuers of Brazil.") Charlotte was found living with a poor family in the state of Santa Catarina, Brazil who decided after a while they no longer wanted Charlotte as part of the family. Before they released her into the streets to be taken by anyone who would take her, Charlotte remained chained to a dirty floor day after day.

Soon, Charlotte's luck took a turn for the best. A man by the name Pablo went to a pet shop close to Charlotte's former home and heard her story. Fortunately, Pablo knew about Scottish Terrier Rescue of Brazil and the incredible work they do. He decided to go to the house where Charlotte used to live and subsequently, picked her up in his arms and carried her to Curitiba to be delivered to rescue coordinators there so she might have a chance at a better life.

From there, Charlotte met with Dr. Micheline Cavichiolo, a veterinarian with a great passion for all animals but a particular affinity for Scottish Terriers, who showed her all the Scottie Love a pup like Charlotte could ask for. Dr. Cavichiolo happens to serve as a board member for the Scottish Terrier Rescue of Brazil and opened up her clinic to Charlotte, making sure she got the best possible care including vaccines and treatment for her ears and teeth. She even got to run about the yard freely!

Not long after, Charlotte's Scottie Mom arrived. She had written to Scottish Terrier Rescue of Brazil just a few days beforehand, applying for an adoption in Curitiba. Charlotte's Scottie Mom had been formally interviewed, completed the rescue's questionnaire and finished all the other requirements that deemed her ready for adoption. And, as the story usually goes, it was Scottie Love at first sight! Charlotte soon went to her forever home but her story didn't end there. For in November 2014, Charlotte and her family welcomed a Westie sister to the family through rescue as well! 

Do you have a rescue story you want to share? Tell us about it in the comments section below.


  1. SImply amazing. A story like that and we were looking for a rescue Scot. Couldn't get one.

  2. We love happy endings.....though we hate the sadness that has to go first. We're so happy Charlotte and other scotties can find a home filled with love.

  3. I'm glad there was a happy ending for Charlotte. It's very sad that so many animals have similar difficulties.