Sweet, sleepy Scottie


Tonight as I write this, Heather and I lie on the same pillow. Our heads just inches away, turning to face each other every couple of minutes to touch noses and for me to say hello and how beautiful she is. Heather's response is to get that helicopter tail going, more excitedly with each word I say, and to inch her face closer to mine in an effort to steal a kiss or two. After about 30 seconds or so, I reach up to gently pet the top of her head. Ooops - too much. My little girl jerks her head up a bit and looks the other way, settling back down after a minute or two until I look her way again, call her name and we're face to face once more, repeating the same process. Inevitably, Heather turns away again and again. For as much as she loves her hooman companions, she's a lady of independence who rarely allows others to be this close - especially as she is nearing her most vulnerable state: slumber.

Heather's not one to cuddle and though I feel a pair of dark brown eyes looking at us in jealousy, I know that some quality Scottie Mom and daughter time is what's appropriate in this moment. Heather's happy and she obviously loves us but always from a safe distance. She's not shy about showing some serious excitement when I come home. In fact, she plows right into me when I bend down to say hello but not more than enough time to give her a quick pet or two has gone by and she's off again, only returning when she sees you're still there waiting for some hugs whenever she's ready. When we turn in to sleep (sans Scottie Dad, of course), it's the same thing: she comes up for a quick smooch and walks to the very end of the bed so she's still near you, but not as close as her brother gets, who voluntarily snuggles up and will find a way to maneuver to the other side if you dare turn to face the other way.

Tonight, we've made progress. Heather has moved her way up to the midway point of the hooman bed and seemingly has no intention of moving as those eyes close more with each minute that passes. I try not to move for fear she will wake and retreat to the edge of the bed or even under the bed again, which is (I believe) her way of "keeping safe." It's a pattern I've picked up on - she always goes to the nearest corners where she can keep an eye on the room but she feels just hidden enough that she's not entirely exposed. Mr. K has resumed Heather's usual spot at the foot of the bed. Though I suspect it won't be long until he marches up and demands some cuddle time of his own, I appreciate these few moments Heather has allowed me to help her feel as comfortable, safe and relaxed as she should be before she enters the dream land of chasing squirrels and hunting treats. And so, I wish all the lovely Scotties and Scottie Moms out there good night as I sign off to relish a few more priveleged moments before Heather decides enough is enough for one night. Sweet dreams, friends!


  1. Ah yes, I stay close but not toooooo close. After Dad gets under the covers, I either sleep between his legs or on hiis pillow as the mood strikes me.

  2. Ohhh, this story made me miss MORE my Plutonio!. (I am out of town, and away for my little evil...But tomorrow in the afternoon, we will be together again!!!).

  3. Oh the independence of our Scottie girls, they need to be petted and kissed only on their terms! It seems the boys are more affectionate, but they are still Scotties! I cherish any cuddle time I get! And by the way, what a beautiful picture of Miss Heather!