Introducing the New Scottie Mobile

Buckle up, friends! We're going for a lot more rides. The infamous Scottie Mobile that left Heather, Mr. K and me stranded on the side of a highway and got me through Snowmaggedon '14 took its last spin after 162,103 miles and 10+ years of service. It officially has been retired. The traveling Scots wanted a spacious vehicle fit for two Scottish Terriers (or more!). Comfort was key, too, in the decision making process as road trips are a relatively frequent occurrence for us. Alas, we'd like to introduce you to The Big Apple, a used Cadillac SRX we settled on to serve as the new Scottie Mobile.

Averaging just 22 MPG since I've owned this beauty, it is not the most fuel efficient vehicle but it certainly offers Heather and Mr. K considerably more space than our previous Scottie Mobile - a two-door, 2003 Pontiac Sunfire - did. We learned quickly that leather seats weren't going to work for Heather and Mr. K without a proper doggie seat belt contraption installed but The Big Apple does have one neat feature we use while we research the safest seat belt options: a secure space for Scottie beds! In the back of the SRX, Heather and Mr. K can rest in their Scottie beds and I can have some peace of mind knowing they're safely secured with the help of an adjustable "cargo fence."

Of course, this is just an interim solution. We haven't been able to travel nearly as much as we have in the past (but are hoping to take The Big Apple out for some adventures soon - please leave us suggestions for long weekend getaways!). So far, Heather and Mr. K have only ridden in The Big Apple to visit the V-E-T, which is right down the street, and the groomer a few times. What do you use to keep your Scottie safe on road trips? Any other road safety tips and tricks you have to share?


  1. Alas, we've never been on a road trip. We only go for short trips around town. But the one requirement we need for a car is electric windows!

    1. We hear you! Our old Scottie Mobile didn't have those. The Big Apple does have power windows and we're so thankful for them!

  2. It isn't an official ScottieMobile without an official ScottieMobile plate.

  3. Why you are like royalty on purple cushions in The Big Apple. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. I like apples do you?
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot

  4. Their leashes are attached to the seat belts and they are belted in. I can also let down the back seat and put three crates into the space. The never sit in front because of airbag explosions if the car is hit.

  5. Gorgeous Scottie chariot for the regal Scottie pair! Very nice! They must travel in style! Beautiful color!
    Barks and wags and congratulations,
    Riley-Puppy and Tessie-Girl