Like a Good Neighbor

We were on our way to the overtreater's house when suddenly, the Scottie Mobile decided it needed to take a nap on the side of the highway near Anderson, South Carolina.
We may not have thumbs but we knew being this cute meant we were Scottie Mom's best chance at hitchhiking a ride. 
It got too hot in the car, even with the windows down, so we ventured outside.
We watched as all the trucks and cars whizzed right by us.
Back in the car, we waited to be rescued. 
The tow truck arrived and we had plenty of interesting things to sniff on our way to the car shop.
There wasn't any air conditioning in the tow truck, either, but we enjoyed the strong breeze from the open windows.
We arrived at Firestone in Anderson, South Carolina, and had no trouble making ourselves right at home.
Finally, the overtreater came to pick up and take us home. Never has an air conditioned car felt so good!

State Farm was there, helping me get Heather and Mr. K out of the broken down Scottie Mobile on the side of I-85N somewhere near Anderson, South Carolina - about halfway to our destination: the overtreater's house. We still had a good two hours to go when the Scottie Mobile decided to take a nap. I knew a hot car with no air was no place for two dogs and so I sought help right away. 

First, I called the overtreater (Heather and Mr. K's grandpa) to come pick us up. Then, for the first time in my life, I called my insurance company. For me, car insurance has always been one of those things you're supposed to have but rarely use. And I recently switched over to Scottie Dad's team at State Farm so I was relatively unfamiliar with the coverage and what kind of help they'd be able to offer us. Much to my surprise, I had someone on the phone right away. They called me a tow truck and provided text message and automated phone call updates on the tow truck's whereabouts.

I was relieved to learn the tow truck would be there to rescue us within 45 minutes. Even still, I did my best to get some air flowing about the Scottie Mobile and blocked out the sun as much as I could from the backseat windows so Heather and Mr. K could stay as comfortable as possible. Every few minutes, a tractor trailer would rush by and give us a good gust of wind. It wasn't the most comforting thing to feel the car rock slightly as these larger vehicles whisked by but it did feel nice to have a bit of breeze every few minutes as the Scottie Mobile baked in the afternoon sun.

Unfortunately, we waited about a half hour longer than expected for the tow truck but we passed the time in and out of the Scottie Mobile. I always take a portable water bowl and provisions with me on car trips like this. Naturally, I had only brought the bowl this time - no water. So the longer it took the tow truck, the more nervous (and guilty) I felt. Lesson learned! Luckily, the pups were doing fine and once the tow truck was there, we were on our way to safety thanks to our friends at State Farm. 

We stopped at the Firestone in Anderson, South Carolina, where the team was nice enough to let me bring the dogs inside. I filled the pups' bowl with fresh, cool water and gave them each a few Blue Bits treats to help them settle in. They honestly didn't need any help settling in, though. Within minutes, Mr. K had his legs kicked back and Heather was taking an afternoon siesta on the cool tile floor. They even met a lovely woman and her son who told me her brother is also owned by Scotties!

Finally, the overtreater arrived and Heather and Mr. K literally jumped for joy knowing he had a pocket full of treats to share. We left the Scottie Mobile at the shop and hoped it would wake up from its nap by the time we returned the next day. And though it did wake up (after nearly $1,000 worth of work), we know it is time to replace it with a newer, safer Scottie Mobile. Tell us, friends: what kind of Scottie Mobile do you have and what would you recommend for our new ride? 


  1. You couldn't hitch a ride with 2 wonderful Scotties and a good looking woman? What happened to Southern hospitality in SC?? I'm glad that the overeaters got to the overtreaters.

  2. Oh man what a nightmare. I am glad you were all OK. I drive a mini-van because I can get three crates in it and our stuff. We can also open the side doors and the back and get plenty of air flowing through it. It is also decent on gas. I wish it was a 4 wheel drive (we have a pick up for that).

  3. Don't you wonder what they are thinking at times like these. Why is everybody else moving and why are we just stopped here? We have State Farm. We drive a Rav.
    Sweet William The Scot

  4. Our scottie-mobile has electric windows and a back seat that folds down, so we can see out. How annoying for your car to just stop! Glad you got help. Hope the overtreater felt sorry for the pups to give them EXTRA treats.

  5. I'm glad you're all okay. It's unpleasant to get stuck at the best of times, but very worrying in the heat.

  6. We have a Subaru Impreza (hatch), She LOVES it!