A Trip to City Dog Market

So, I'm pretty sure today did not go as Heather and Mr. K planned. Usually, Sundays are relaxing days for us in which they are spoiled with belly rubs and snuggles at home. Today, we decided to do something different and set out for a little adventure to City Dog Market for a surprise B-A-T-H.

It had been a while since we visited what I've always considered one of the best doggie boutiques in Atlanta. Years ago, I had bought adorable matching collars for Heather and Mr. K there and I was hopeful I could score harnesses this time. We shopped around while we waited for the self-washing stations to become available. Mr. K was immediately attracted to the treats and then, of course, the squeaky toys. He made it clear which he wanted to take home with him by pulling the tiniest squeaky balls I've ever seen off the rack...twice!

After about 20 minutes of perusing the goods, the self-washing stations became available. Up until this point, Heather and Mr. K probably thought they were on a shopping spree for treats and toys. They weren't at all suspicious of the rooms to their right with other doggies covered in suds and toweling off. That all changed the minute we got in there and suddenly, their lovely Scottie smiles were wiped off their faces.

Lucky for me, those smiles weren't gone for long. The team at City Dog Market were very generous with treats and even gave us a goodie bag to take with us on the road home. I may have even purchased another surprise for Heather and Mr. K to enjoy next weekend! Tell us, friends, how often do you give your pups a B-A-T-H? 


  1. Kaci and Kali say that you can disguise it any way you want to, but a bath by another other name is still a bath.

  2. Because we spend lots of time at the river, we get wet, muddy and smelly. We scotties usually get 'dunked' and our undercarriages washed several times a week....a real top to tail bath is probably once a month or so. Roxy always rolls in smelly stuff, so she gets a real bath more often.

  3. How nice that you got a doggie bag... was it a "compensation" for the water-torture?
    Easy hates water so we do "it" 1 or 2 times per year... or after extreme mud-baths :o)
    easy rider

  4. You're smiling at the end. It couldn't have been that bad.

  5. Baths they took you shopping then you got stuck in the tub at store, well that just stinks. I get baths when I get my stink on as Lee says. In the winter probably once a month ~ in the summer every other Friday. Yep I know when Friday arrives. I think that is nice they give you a goodie bag to take home.
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot

  6. You poor things for having to suffer the B word!