Sleepless without Scotties

[caption id="attachment_2940" align="alignnone" width="500"]Honestly, Scottie Mom...did you think you could sleep well without us? Honestly, Scottie Mom...did you think you could sleep well without us?[/caption]
Why is it that during the week I can't seem to get enough sleep to keep me going but when the weekend comes around, the last thing I'm able to do is sleep (which is ironic, since I actually have the time)? On Friday, I went to bed around midnight, shortly after taking Heather and Mr. K on their last walk of the day. Two or three hours and lots of tossing and turning in bed later, I still couldn't sleep so I left Scottie Dad - who had long been fast asleep - in the master suite and walked across the hall to the guest bedroom, also known as the Scottie Suite.
I called upon Heather and Mr. K to join me in the Scottie Suite so the three of us could watch television in the wee hours of the morning together. Heather settled on my feet and Mr. K propped his front paws on my stomach. There we were, watching recaps of baseball games until 3:45 a.m. when, mercy found me and granted me some sleep no less than 10 or 15 minutes after Heather and Mr. K closed their eyes for the night. By the time I finally started dreaming sweet dreams of my own, I bet I was so delirious I dreamed Scottie Dad would let me rescue more Scotties!
When I woke to the sound of Mr. K's morning yawn, it occurred to me there may be a reason for my insomnia: could it be that I'm so used to snuggling up with Scotties that I don't know how to sleep without them? Scottie Dad travels during the week and, when he is gone, the fur kids and I curl up in bed in the Scottie Suite. So, for five nights a week, I split a bed with two Scotties. And for two or three nights a week, I retreat to the master suite. However, as was evidenced by Friday night's bout of insomnia, I'm not sure it truly can be called a retreat if I'm not able to fall asleep...


  1. OMG - that's so funny you write this because I'm the same way! My husband generally is demoted to the guest bedroom to sleep due to his bad back and the fact he flops around like a fish all night long and I NEED my sleep. Anyway, our little Scottie, Scout, sleeps with me and our Lab sleeps with my husband. There have been rare instances where Scout with climb the stairs into bed with my husband though and on those nights I CANNOT sleep to save my life! I usually end up going over and snatching her off his bed and bringing her in with me so I can sleep. LOL They seem to have a calming influence don't they? LOL Anyway, I totally understand!!

  2. Snuggling nightly with my Scottie boy is the only way to sweet dreams💝

  3. No problems here. All of us are on the bed every night. The only one who isn't is the parrot.

  4. Makes perfect sense to me. I sleep very badly without my little creature.