American Ninja Scottie


It's late at night. Just shortly after 11 p.m. There's a clippity-clap of paws and claws hitting the pavement. The sound echoes a bit. No other noise permeates the air. Two tails are sticking straight up toward the sky, wagging slightly as we go. We are guided only by a few, soft street lights as we march, march, march around the block. There's not a soul in sight. We are the last to conduct our nightly round of neighborhood watch. Mr. K looks to the left, Heather to the right. Satisfied with what they see, we move on until the next scene of investigation.

We're close now, almost back to The Scottie House. We pick up the pace. Heather knows there's a treat waiting to greet her at the door. Mr. K hurries along, too. Then, fast as a flash, he somersaults forward and lands on his paws. He doesn't stop. He keeps going and never misses a step. There's a certain air of pride about him now, as if he's just accomplished a major feat. Confused, Heather and I look at each other and wonder what that ninja move was all about. We hang back and watch him for a second but he's marching along just as fast as could be. He must be eager for his treat.

At the foot of the steps, Mr. K props one paw up and begins trotting his way up the stairs. Heather goes straight to the top. Mr. K stops at the landing. He looks left. Then, he looks right. Finally, he looks up at me and then down to the ground. His mouth opens. Out drops his prized possession - the very reason for his ninja moves: a cockroach. It doesn't move. Mr. K nods, visibly proud that he had saved the world from one squirmy nuisance. Tongue hanging out, Mr. K sits down and looks up and smiles, as if he is waiting to be praised.

Fast forward three hours and it is now the middle of the night. All are asleep in The Scottie House. Mr. K on my lap, Heather on my feet. Suddenly, without warning, Mr. K's head snaps up and he flies off the bed - waking me as he goes. No big deal, I say to myself, and I roll over to again rest my eyes. POW! My eyes shoot open. POW! POW! I turn around. What is Mr. K doing and why so much noise at this hour? I look on the side of the bed. Again, his tail is sticking straight up in the air. This time, however, it is wagging feverishly. He slaps his paw down again on the floor. POW!

Two seconds later, he shuffles to the right and does it again. Oh no, I think, he's hunting something. Do I dare climb off the bed and see what it is? Scottie Dad is not around to pick up whatever is under attack right now. What if I accidentally step on it? Gross! I peer down at Mr. K, who is still POW-ing and wagging his tail excitedly. Surely, this ninja Scottie is winning his war. I scramble to switch the light switch on. Light fills the room. What did I see? Yet another cockroach who would give anything to flee from the ninja Scottie!


  1. I used to go after insects, but no more in my old age. I was a real go-getter and my best talent was protecting the wild bird food from the wild birds.

  2. Ahh, pesky cockroaches! Lol for Mr. K trying to hunt it down but why does it always happen in the middle of the night?

  3. Ninja Ruby attacked a huntsman spider last night - it was as big as a dinner plate! they always live in pairs so we're waiting to see what happens tonight:)

  4. May the force be with you Ninja-Scottie! I hope you can chase this cockroaches away!

  5. mr. k protects his own!