Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Scottie Lovers

First, let me start by saying that love - especially Scottie Love! - should be celebrated every single day of the year, not just on Valentine's Day. Yet, I know many of you are embarking on your annual quest for something that will "wow" the Scottie Mom (or Dad!) in your life. In case you're running short on Valentine's Day gift ideas this year, I thought I'd make things a bit easier on you and round up some fabulous finds that are sure to leave a lasting impression. Have a Valentine's Day gift idea for fellow Scottie lovers you'd like to share? Let us know in the comments below!

Capture the memories. 

Many pet parents put this one off thinking there's plenty of time to get this done. Take it from someone who actually did this: don't procrastinate! Hire a professional pet photographer in your area and surprise your loved one with some framed images, canvases or a photo book of your darling Scotties. You and your loved one will be glad you did. What better way to preserve those memories?

Give something sweet. 

Talk to a local baker and see if they can whip up a Scottie-inspired cake or decorate Scottie-shaped cookies for your loved one. If you're feeling really adventurous, try a little DIY. Need a little inspiration? This Pinterest board has all you need to channel your inner Cake Boss.

Radley to the rescue.

One thing I appreciate about our friends at Radley London (besides their fashionable designs) is that they produce Scottie stuff all year long - not just around the holidays. It can be hard for us Scottie Moms to have to wait all year to see cute Scottie stuff in stores! Fortunately, Radley has come to our rescue with more cuteness than ever. Have you seen their latest Scottie-patterned goods? Here are a few of my personal favorites: Sneaky Peek Umbrella, Scottie Dog-Shaped Zip-top Shoulder Bag, Love Lane Cross Body Bag, and Dog in the Window Umbrella. So many choices!

Make it bling.

It doesn't get more cliche than jewelry as a Valentine's Day gift, in my opinion, but there are some classic pieces out there that are sure to showcase your loved one's Scottie Love. Have you seen these Agatha Paris designs? Gorgeous. There are many more from which to choose online as well. 

Pay it forward.

Make a donation to your area Scottish Terrier rescue organization in your loved one's name. There are plenty of Scotties (and other animals) out there still looking for their happily ever after and your donation can make a real difference in their lives. Want to show your loved one that your heart is made of gold? Surprise them with another rescue or open your heart and home to a foster in need. 

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  1. We've had years of scottie love here....

  2. From Our Scottie House To Yours Happ Happy Valentines Day.....

    Jackie,Violet And The Wanna Be Scottie Jackson ❌⭕��❤️