Life's a Beach with Beachin' Biscuits

Ever discover a place that's been hiding under your  nose and you wonder why you didn't find it sooner? That's exactly how I feel about Beachin' Biscuits, a small family-owned and operated business selling organic, homemade dog treats right here in Georgia. A colleague and fellow devoted dog mom gave the Scottie Mom crew a gift card to Beachin' Biscuits. And I'm so glad she did!

The owner Britt started baking homemade treats for her four adopted dogs (and any foster dogs she and her husband might have at any given time) when she decided she didn't want to feed her dogs things with ingredients she couldn't pronounce. Plus, like Mr. K - and I'm starting to suspect Nibbles and Pudley as well - three of her dogs had allergies so I was more than willing to give these treats a try...and so was the Scottie Mom crew. Here's what I ordered from their website:

Beachin' Biscuits Mini Cran-Apple Donuts

Beachin' Biscuits Mini Milk & Cookies Donuts

Beachin' Biscuits Mini Punkin' Donuts

When the package arrived, the Scottie Mom crew didn't know what to think. It wasn't until the treats revealed themselves that they started dancing around the house as if the Overtreater suddenly appeared. And after just a taste of each flavor, I think I can safely say that I have won these Scottie hearts back! For quite some time, their favorite person in the whole world has been the Overtreater (and perhaps, understandably so...who else spoils them with way too many treats?).

Nibbles and Pudley were very curious about this special delivery.

Mr. K debated which to taste first...cran-apple, milk and cookies, or punkin' donuts.

Clearly, the mini donuts were a hit with Nibbles. Here she is smiling while she's chewing. 

Pudley didn't need much time to decide on the milk and cookies flavor first.
I'll be trying Beachin' Biscuits again, not only because they're local and the dogs loved their products but because I'm intrigued by the gluten-free and vegan options that supposedly make great "clean" snacks for humans, too! Oh, and it doesn't hurt that a portion of proceeds are donated to local rescues. Tell us: what local favorites have you discovered in your neck of the woods?

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