That Time The Dog Soiled The House

Everyone wants to know how a Scottish Terrier gets named Pudley. Some find it odd but I personally love the name. Having only been his Scottie Mom for a short while, I can't answer why this name was chosen but I can tell you that there might be a slightly ironic way that his name has meaning. 

It started almost immediately when he came home. He created his own puddles around the Scottie House, marking what territories were now his (essentially, all of them). I had been warned that this boy may or may not be house trained but his markings looked to me as just his way to declare he's home. It took a few weeks but the peeing slowly came to a stop...but not before a few casualties including a pair of shoes, a few baseboards and a brand new box spring and mattress.

Then, things got a bit...(shall we say?) muddy. Pudley learned that the door to the main bedroom upstairs doesn't shut properly, making it easy to break in whenever he pleased. Suddenly, he designated the middle of that rug his favorite place in the world to poop. Yes, you read that correctly. To poop! It didn't matter how long I stayed with him outside at that point. He had found his special spot and that was where he was determined to go. That is, until he got outsmarted!

I put up a makeshift gate at the top of the stairs as a test (Nibbles and Pudley have proven they can jump over just about anything). Once I saw he could not get through or over the gate, I hired a company to shampoo and deep clean the rugs in each of the bedrooms. Just like that, the problem was solved and once again, Pudley was willing to take care of business where it belongs: outside. 

Puddles aside, he is a really sweet and hilariously dramatic pup. Goofy, even. He and Nibbles keep me on my toes. I thought I knew all the Scottish Terrier tricks until Pudley and his sister joined the family. Now, it is clear I still have much to learn in the ways of the mischievous Scottie and I'm happy to have Nibbles and Pudley as my newest teachers. They remind me of the importance of keeping a sense of humor. And something tells me they'll be supplying plenty of entertaining stories for me to share with the Scottie Mom community for years to come!  


  1. I love that you rescued Pudley and his sister. My boys are both rescues as well and our first foray into the minds of Scottish Terriers. We are hooked for life.

  2. I have Scotties numbers10-12 living with me now. All of the Scotties have entirely different personalities. I share the bed with the older 2. Sophie, the youngest, is incapable of staying still for more than one second. I don't know if she will ever be in the bed with us.

  3. Our Sammy is a rescue and a puddler. I remember his first week with us after the 20th load of laundry (blankets rugs, everything!) I thought, "I don't know if we can do this." Then I had a dream that night that the humane society wanted him back and I was crying and crying. And that's how we learned for work with our pee pee boy Sam. We finally got the hang of it and now we get puppy pads delivered through Amazon subscribe and save. And yes, it's an anxiety thing for him but he is hilarious and just want to snuggle and love all the time.