7 Cool Scottie Dog Products on Etsy

Scottish Terrier note cards by littledebskis
Scottish Terrier garden stake by georgiametalart
Scottie dog canvas print by Hanging the Moon Shelby
Scottish Terrier wreath by Adorable Pet Wreaths
Scottish Terrier rolling pin by Dough Roller
Scottish Terrier necklace by HOBBYHORSELADY

Scottie garden stake by RescuedPawsIronWorks
If you're like me, you've probably heard of Etsy before but never felt inspired to check the site out. That is, until you realized there could be a wealth of undiscovered Scottie dog goods just waiting to be snatched up by lucky Scottie Moms everywhere! With the Season of Scotties once again headed our way, I figured it was time to start looking out for those special somethings sure to spark a flame in Scottie Moms' hearts. So, we searched dozens of Etsy results and came across these great finds! Tell us: from where do you score the most Scottie loot each year?


  1. the wreath is an artpiece, I would like to have one on my door :o)

  2. We wondered where you were and how you were doing. H&K are OK?

  3. We shop Etsy all the time. Another item on Etsy we love is the goatmilk soap with an engraved scottie on the top. We have sent the soap to a lot of bloggers and they love it.
    Right now Vermont Country Store has wonderful Snowy White Portuguese Flannel Sheets Embroidered With Regal Scotties we ordered a set.
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot

  4. Great products. Although we could only see 'owls' on the dough roller....BOL! That wreath looks very interesting.

  5. I haven't checked Etsy out in ages. Thanks for the reminder.